Tick-Tock: Business Marketing Creativity is Best Used in Rapid Deployment

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One of the things which all business owners obsess over is the small stuff. “Without getting every last detail right, I wouldn’t be where I am today.” That’s probably true. But maybe you’d be further along than you already are. The truth in this modern day immediate revisionist society we live in is that the record can always be scrubbed …

5 Questions To Ask Before Hiring a Content Marketing Company

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In today’s business world, there are myriad solutions and tools available to aid in the marketing of your company, one tool being content marketing. You may feel like you are fighting a war when slogging it out on the battlefield of content marketing, but asking questions before leaping into critical business decisions is crucial to your company’s future. You are …

Creating a YouTube Channel for Business

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Millions of people worldwide visit YouTube daily.  In fact, many of them do research about products and services before investing in them. YouTube can be an effective tool for promoting a business.  Here are three considerations when creating a YouTube channel for a business.

Retargeting and How It Works

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Retargeting is a marketing strategy that helps businesses re-engage previous, current or potential customers who have shown interest in their brand’s product or service.  As one of the most efficient marketing methods keeping an interested person engaged, retargeting draws in a more engaged, pre-qualified audience than most other traditional marketing methods.

Local Business Marketing 101

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As the New Year is upon us, many local business owners and marketing firms are preparing for business growth in 2014.  With so many different venues for local advertising and marketing these days, it’s sometimes best to go back to the basics to make the process of creating a marketing plan more effective.  In this article, we reflect on a …

Creating a Marketing Plan for 2014

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At the beginning of a New Year, many business owners have great ideas, hopes and ambition to grow their business, but sitting down long enough to document and track their goals is often the biggest challenge.  In this post, we will share some tips and what we’ve seen work well for small businesses creating a marketing plan.

Remembering Jesus is the Reason

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Jesus is the Reason for More Than Christmas Growing up, we often heard to not talk about religion or politics in the business world.  While we tend to abide by the political topic more often, we’re more passionate about the other.  Therefore, the least we can do is dedicate this blog to The One whose birthday we celebrate and, more …

3 Steps to Get Your Small Business Online

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Entrepreneurs realize the importance of marketing and getting their small business online more than ever.  While getting a small business online sounds simple, it tends to be more complex and competitive than ever before. In this article, we share 3 steps to get your small business online and why each are important.

Zoho CRM Helping with Business Performance

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Yesterday, we spent the day at Zoholics in Dallas learning more about how the Zoho Suite of software and specifically Zoho CRM helps with business performance.  The time was such a great investment, we felt compelled to share some of what we learned and how we see Zoho CRM helping small businesses grow with Zoho’s Suite of software.

Qualifying Opportunities in the Sales Process

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In order to grow, businesses need to build, nurture and maintain a healthy pipeline of opportunities with clients and prospective clients for their products or services.  However, many people create unnecessary stress throughout the process believing that the only reason anyone chooses their product or services is because they like them when, in fact, the need for the product or …