Marketing | March 8, 2014

Retargeting and How It Works

Retargeting is a marketing strategy that helps businesses re-engage previous, current or potential customers who have shown interest in their brand’s product or service.  As one of the most efficient marketing methods keeping an interested person engaged, retargeting draws in a more engaged, pre-qualified audience than most other traditional marketing methods.

Retargeting and How It Works

Retargeting works where a consumer visits a brand website to purchase an item.  Since most visits do not result in a purchase, retargeting becomes a strategic method of online advertising making sure consumers who have visited the website in the past come back.  While roaming throughout the web, retargeting allows the brand to put an advertisement back in front of the same consumer (or a consumer that viewed the brand website before) by tracking cookies from their prior visit.

One of the growth areas in the retargeting space is social retargeting.  Social retargeting is even more effective than traditional web retargeting in that it becomes another way of social marketing where social media users are re-engaged creating even more pre-qualified consumers. Facebook is one of the many social media platforms to introduce social retargeting and has made a significant impact on their advertising business as well as the industry as a whole.

RetargetingHow is Retargeting Important

Retargeting doesn’t only bring an audience back to the brand website, but also re-engages consumers that have already shown interest in your business. Retargeting shows those previous visitors a display that reminds them of your business. With retargeting through the Internet, your business can get more conversions and higher conversion rates than most other search advertising sources.

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