Creative | September 8, 2014

Tick-Tock: Business Marketing Creativity is Best Used in Rapid Deployment

Clock: Business MarketingOne of the things which all business owners obsess over is the small stuff. “Without getting every last detail right, I wouldn’t be where I am today.” That’s probably true. But maybe you’d be further along than you already are. The truth in this modern day immediate revisionist society we live in is that the record can always be scrubbed clean. The same is true of your business marketing. While you may think that it’s make-or-break to get every detail right the first time, the truth is that everything is up for discussion. You don’t need to obsess over the details of your business marketing; you just need to get the content into people’s hands.

Obsess Over What?

Recent surveys of business professionals have shown that so many of them just don’t understand their customers. While things like SEO and quality content tipped the scales at nearly half of the respondents thinking these were important, frequency and consistency were also on the list but very near the bottom. What that says about business marketing is that these executives are obsessing over the details and expecting their customers to wait for them to have everything perfect.

Combustible Consumer

Consumers, on the other hand, want to let marketers know that they are on to their games. Business marketing has gone the way of the Mary Kay sales associate; knocking on your door just when you are doing something else. A whopping 77% of consumers are tired of the unwanted marketing pop-ups and pop-ins. While you may be big on crafting the perfect message so that your consumer just devours what you have to say, business marketing manifestos are not what most consumers seek.

Happy Medium

As a business owner trying to show off your wares to your local and global audience, the World Wide Web is a great tool to use to keep people in the know. But you can’t let them sit too long on this information until the next time you come around and your customer says, “who are you?” A good business marketing axiom is to never let the virtual ink dry on your last message before you have sent out the next one. Even if these are not the perfect messages, that’s okay! Your next message is on its way.

Tackling the business marketing playing field in the modern day takes a steady hand and a decisive mind. If you do make an effort to keep your customers perpetually informed, you will find out what stinks and what sticks!

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