Marketing | December 1, 2013

3 Steps to Get Your Small Business Online

Entrepreneurs realize the importance of marketing and getting their small business online more than ever.  While getting a small business online sounds simple, it tends to be more complex and competitive than ever before. In this article, we share 3 steps to get your small business online and why each are important.

Getting Your Small Business Online

Get Your Small Business OnlineAlthough it can appear overwhelming and full of crazy Internet marketing jargon, getting your small business online doesn’t have to be that hard. In fact, there are 3 basic steps to give you a good start in the Internet marketing world.

First, every small business these days needs a small business website.  While websites for small businesses seem costly, they are more important today than ever before.  Make sure you have a well-optimized website easy for your current and future customers to find.  Make sure it’s a simple and elegant website instead of complex and technical – even if your business is complex and technical.  People need to be able to easy access and navigate through your website.

small business online

Second, remember the rule of going where your customers are – today that place is social media.  Make sure you create the appropriate social media business profiles for your business and begin sharing socially.  It’s not that hard to share.  Creating the content to share is the challenge. Start with pictures and stories of your work.  In fact, the best way to do this is through your website in the form of a photo gallery and blog.

Finally, make sure you’re listed accurately and consistently in small business Internet directories throughout the web.  There are thousands of Internet directories online including the ones people are most familiar with – Google, Yahoo, Bing, Merchant Circle, Manta and many more. Take the time to get listed in all of these Internet directories to help you Get Found and get good reviews.

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