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Chatbots: The Next Big Thing in Business Website Design

In Social Media by Webmaster SEO1 Comment

Web design trends are changing faster than ever. People are exchanging, embracing, and adapting information at an unprecedented rate. Web designs that look sleek and modern now could be considered out-of-style within several months. Staying up-to-date, therefore, is essential for the success of your business website. If you want your business site to rise above the ever-changing trends, consider working …

Growing Your Business with Good Web Design

In Search Engine Optimization (SEO) by Tiffany Hernandez

The Impact of a Good Website Marketers understand the importance of website design in their campaigns. Yet, other people don’t always see why it’s such a big deal. If the content is solid, why are some color changes or images going to matter? Is it worth hiring experienced designers to take care of this aspect of campaigns? These days, internet content …

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Establish Your Brand Identity with the Right Fonts

In Creative by Marc

Brands constantly communicate with their audience through various types of content. Effective communication is vital, especially when you are trying to build strong, lasting customer relationships. But did you know that communication is not just about textual and aural messages? Ninety-three percent of human communication is nonverbal, and this is certainly true for brands, especially when it comes to creating …

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Marketing Matters

In Marketing by Marc

Marketing is a blanket term that encompasses a lot of things like customer relations, advertising, and direct sales. While providing an excellent product or service to your customers is vital, marketing is important too. To create a killer marketing campaign, it is a good idea to understand what marketing is and why it is important. Here are a few things …

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Ready, Set, WORK

In Leadership & Strategy by Tiffany Hernandez

Effective business owners and managers know that productivity can be improved constantly. Finding ways to increase productivity at work isn’t rocket science, but it requires paying attention to how time is managed and making changes that eliminate time drains. Because there are a limited number of hours in a day, making the most of your work time is critical. There are …

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Using Visual Aids to Up your Marketing Game

In Creative by Tiffany Hernandez

In our digital age, the saying “a picture is worth a thousand words” is truer than ever before. Research has shown that adding colored images to an article increases people’s desire to read it by 80 percent. If you really want to up your online game, incorporating visual aids for marketing can drastically improve your success. Why Visual Aids Matter So …

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How Good Design Positively Impacts Your Business

In Creative by Stephen Selzler

Design can impact your business in many ways—from office and retail space, to product design, to marketing. When it comes to your website, the importance of good design should never be underestimated. Internet content is more visual than ever. Top sites such as YouTube, Instagram, and Pinterest consist entirely of visual content. So color, layout, and other design elements really …