Marketing Matters.

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Marketing is a blanket term that encompasses a lot of things like customer relations, advertising and direct sales. While providing an excellent product or service to your customers is vital, marketing is important too. To create a killer marketing campaign, it is a good idea to understand what marketing is and why it is important. Here are a few things you should know to help you understand why marketing is important in 2018.

Marketing Makes Consumers Aware That You Exist

Once upon a time, consumers learned about businesses through print advertisements, radio and television commercials or the yellow pages. Today, while most of those things are still around, if you do not have an online presence then the perception is, you simply don’t have a business. One of the great things about creating an online presence is that it can be done at a lower cost than any of those other methods. Internet marketing can be the great equalizer when it comes to getting exposure for your business in the coming year.

You will find out quickly why marketing is important if you are not doing it. No matter what route you decide to go, one of the primary purposes of marketing is to make sure potential customers know that you exist.

Marketing Lets Consumers Know What You Can Do for Them

It’s important for consumers to know you exist, but it is also important for them to know what you do – and more specifically, what you can do for them this year. You may be well-versed in your product and think it’s self-explanatory, but think of it from the perspective of someone who has not heard of it before. Even if it’s a common product or service, you probably decided to sell it because you could offer something others couldn’t. Your audience needs to know what you are offering, how it works and why it’s better than what someone else is offering.

Marketing Provides Sustained Engagement

Marketing is not a “one and done” sort of thing. These days consumers have voices coming from everywhere, from billboards to television, print and social media, and of course, the internet – all trying to get their attention. Even if a consumer had a great experience with you, that experience can be drowned out. Thanks to the internet, media and wireless devices, you can maintain a relationship with your customers that lasts far beyond the initial shopping or service experience. This can include everything from updates to popular products, to helpful information to joining a community of like-minded people to coupons and new products or services. Maintaining a relationship with your customers throughout the year ensures that when they are looking for what you offer, they will be able to find it.

Marketing Will Help You Make the Sale

When you reach out to customers through direct mail, email, mobile alerts or in any other way, you’re often doing more than just sending them information about your product or service. Not only are you sending them information about a sale or an update to your services, but if you do it right, you are also giving them a way to access you. Think about it. If you send an email with a coupon code, don’t you also provide a link to your website? This is another reason why marketing is important. The more opportunities you give potential customers to access your store, the more likely they will be to take you up on your invitation.

Marketing Will Help Your Business Grow

The greater reach you have, the greater your business expands. When your marketing campaigns are going well, you will make sales. The more sales you make, the bigger your business gets. Marketing is vital to that growth. When you can engage customers, let them know what you have to offer and how that can benefit them, your business profits. It’s a win for everyone!

Without marketing, a business may not survive. Understanding why marketing is important and how it works will only benefit your business. It will help you reach out to and inform your customers to keep them engaged. That often leads to increased sales and business growth. Sales and growth mean that your business not only survives but thrives! Marketing Matters.

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