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Marketing Matters.

In Internet Marketing by Marc

Marketing is a blanket term that encompasses a lot of things like customer relations, advertising and direct sales. While providing an excellent product or service to your customers is vital, marketing is important too. To create a killer marketing campaign, it is a good idea to understand what marketing is and why it is important. Here are a few things …

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Four Reasons to Optimize for a Mobile World

In Internet Marketing by Marc

The first smartphones began a revolution that finally came to fruition in 2014. At that time, mobile traffic overtook desktop traffic for dominance on the internet. Now, more than half of all internet traffic is consumed on mobile devices. Despite the change in browsing patterns, companies fail to optimize for mobile internet traffic and lose sales to sites that are …

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What to Expect from Digital Marketing in 2016

In Internet Marketing by Marc

The digital landscape changes rapidly every year, and 2016 will be no different. Long gone are the days of keyword stuffing and the shotgun approach to attracting new customers; the next wave of digital marketing strategies involves a focused, targeted effort that offers real value to consumers. It’s vital that you evaluate your resources now if you want to be successful …

Leverage Social Media for Outreach

In Internet Marketing, Social Media, Social Media Marketing by xxiiadmin

The explosive growth of social media has changed how companies interact with each other and their customers. If you’re still relying on Google searches for most of your outreach, it’s time to start using social media channels. Social media allows businesses and business people to foster relationships and grow brands on the web. The following tips may help you leverage …

5 Web and Graphic Design Tips for Better Website Conversion

In Internet Marketing by xxiiadmin

Many companies believe that providing high quality content is all that they need to do to ensure great website conversion numbers. While content is key for conversion, you’ll only be able to sell it with a modern, professional website. Whether you’re simply looking for some tips to take your website to the next level or your website conversion has tanked and …

How Effective Internet Marketing Help Sales

In Internet Marketing by JimBarker22

Marketing and sales go hand in hand.  If you have awesome Internet marketing, yet you’re not winning new customers, your sales may not be effective.  If your win ratio is over 50%, yet you’re not getting enough new leads, you may need to review your Internet marketing strategy.  When done correctly, Internet marketing helps sales win more customers by educating …