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5 Reasons Why SEO Takes Time

In Search Engine Optimization (SEO)by xxiiadmin

Optimizing your website for the search engines is a valuable marketing investment for your business. It is nearly impossible to have a business without a web presence. But in order to make your website valuable, you have to make it visible. That’s where search engine optimization comes in. Unfortunately, too many people think that successfully optimizing your website for search engines can be measured by the traffic your site gets. Even more unfortunate is the fact that they are impatient for these results to materialize. Optimizing your website is a time and labor-intensive process. It takes time to build the sort of quality links that lead to long-term traffic and success. And in the end, your measure of success is not the amount of traffic you receive, but in quality leads obtained and sales made. Here are five reasons why SEO takes time.

1. Just Getting Started Takes Time

However big or small, there are multiple tasks involved in just setting up a marketing campaign:

  • Choosing a domain name and setting up a website
  • Setting up social media accounts
  • Research
  • Content creation

That all takes time, which is why SEO takes time.

2. It Takes Time to Build Quality Links

To get natural looking links that are high quality and relevant, you have to build gradually. There are ways to get many links fast, but the temporary spike in traffic can cause search engines like Google to view your website suspiciously and sideline it. It’s better to take the time and effort to build quality links that will bring in sustained levels of traffic over the long haul.

3. The Web Is an Ever-Evolving Place

The web is constantly changing:

  • Old competitors fall by the wayside, and new ones pop up
  • New search terms become popular as people find new ways for searching for the goods and services you offer
  • Search engines periodically change their algorithms

All of this requires an ongoing and sustained effort.

4. Competition Can Be Fierce

If your competitor has had a website for 10 years and you’ve had your website for six months, they are probably high up in ranking. They have had more time to build not only credibility, but also quality links. They have had all of that time to build traffic. You cannot immediately compare your ranking to those of your competitors. Additionally, new guys show up all the time who are also competing for the same traffic that you are.

5. The Web Likes Regular Content and Activity

If your website were simply an online brochure that you could set and forget, it wouldn’t take long to create. However, if you want your site to be visible, you must update it regularly. The search engines like a constant stream of information and activity as proof that your site is worthwhile.

Search engine optimization is a valuable part of your marketing campaign. Because you cannot do business in today’s market without a web presence, you cannot afford to overlook SEO. It can take time to successfully optimize your website. But, good things come to those who wait, and understanding why SEO takes time can make your wait easier.

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