Leadership: Keeping the Vision

In Leadership & Strategy by Marc

At the core of every successful business is a vision. Without a clear idea about where you are headed, it’s very hard to achieve a goal. Vision, in many ways, defines leadership and is often what leaders point to in explaining their success. Not only does vision command the way things are, it clarifies the way things ought to be. Forward thinking vision is what is needed to gain a reputation for innovation. Here are some important points to remember about leadership and vision.

Developing a Leadership Vision

The seed to a vision is deciding what you want to do for your community. Think of it being a big puzzle in which you have to put several pieces together to form a cohesive vision, designed to make life better for others.

Vision can be developed in many different ways from brainstorming to writing down dreams. Letting your mind wander while going on a walk can sometimes trigger many amazing original ideas. Great visions come from people picturing themselves in the future. Even though a vision may be intended to help a group of people, it needs to be a leader’s personal view that he or she can defend with passion.

Team Communication

You should communicate with your team often, as it takes repetition and time to create a comfortable team atmosphere of trust and concern for your organization. There are multiple effective ways to communicate with team members, either in person or electronically. Most importantly, everyone on the team needs to understand what the purpose of your organization is, which helps create a more productive workplace.

Sharing the vision of an organization is a central role of being a leader. Communication skills are the foundation of effective leadership. It’s essential for the leader to get all followers on the same page and moving toward the same goal.

Problem Solving

One of the cornerstones of a winning vision is that it encompasses solving problems. The vision is what you want to communicate both internally and externally. The more people who understand your vision, the more people you can use for brainstorming or research to find solutions to problems in society.

Spreading the Vision

Once you have a clear vision that communicates your goals quickly, the next step is to tell as many people as you can in your target market. There are now multiple methods for getting your message to the masses, but social media is becoming one of fastest growing ways to connect with a following. That means that successful leadership is becoming more dependent on attracting a following as a thought leader through social media networks and other online communication.

Making Your Vision Clear

Over time you want others to be very clear about your vision. But there is a good chance that your vision will evolve over time due to refinements and adjustments that result from studying your results. It helps if the vision is refined through feedback from other people, but it must also remain strong and consistent.

A way to make your vision more powerful is to let other people feel they have a stake in helping shape the vision. People will be more loyal to a cause if they think they can make a difference. This concept does not mean letting go of control, it’s more of a reminder that teamwork with a shared vision is extremely valuable.

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