The Power of Video Marketing

In Marketing by Marc

Over the last five years content marketing has changed the way that companies expose consumers to their brand, and has revolutionized advertising. Now, content marketing is itself going through substantive changes with the introduction of video marketing as a core component of content strategies. In 2016 and beyond, video marketing will be the foundation of digital marketing campaigns, so your company should consider adopting a video marketing strategy to stay competitive.

Why Video Marketing Is The Future

According to the old saying, “a picture is worth a thousand words”, but a minute of video is worth more than 1.8 million. This is because the human brain is programmed to absorb moving images and remember spoken words much better than it can written language. Consumers remember visual media at a rate four times higher than words on a page, which allows your video marketing to gain mindshare with the consumer more efficiently with video than simple text marketing. Video marketing also offers other tangible and immediate benefits for your company.

  • Higher Engagement: Modern readers retain very little of what they see, and spend most of their time skimming text rather than reading. Unfortunately, this causes their minds to disengage, so your message proves ineffective. With video, consumers become emotionally and mentally engaged in the content, meaning they pay more attention to what you have to say, adding strength to your content.
  • Sharability: Almost everyone who’s been on the internet for a while has either shared or been sent a video from a friend, family member, or coworker. People share videos because the content is easily digestible, and doesn’t require much time or effort to consume. Building a catalog of videos for your company increases the rate of sharing of the content, and spreads your brand virally.
  • Time On Site: When a video grabs the consumer’s attention, that person spends more time on your site, and the longer the customer stays, the greater your likelihood of making a sale.
  • Personal Message: Finally, video marketing puts a human face on your company. It allows the consumer to make an emotional attachment to your brand, and makes your company and staff relatable.

Successful Strategies

Video marketing isn’t as simple as throwing together a quick video on your smartphone and posting it to YouTube. Four factors determine success.

  • Audience: A funny video of your product in action might work well with viewers under 30, but it could have trouble resonating with a middle-aged businesswoman. Know your target audience and develop videos of a tone and style that suits them.
  • Deployment: You can have the best videos in the world, but if no one sees them, they’re worthless. Embedding the video on your site and posting it to YouTube are a great start, but you need a strong social media campaign to spread the message and deploy your video content rapidly.
  • Mobile Friendly: The mobile market exploded in the last few years, and now more people watch videos on mobile devices than PCs. Optimizing your video for mobile devices means using players that expand to fit the size of the viewer’s screen, adding an accessible call to action, and using attractive splash screens, are just the beginning.
  • Creativity: Boring videos don’t get watched all the way to the end, and they don’t get shared. Be creative with your content, and show that your company is dynamic and energetic with the videos that you produce.

Video is a great way for your company to engage with consumers and spread your brand message. In 2016, add a video marketing plan to your company’s digital strategy and see how quickly it impacts your business.

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