Client Success Videos

In Marketingby JimBarker22

Let’s face it… we all have hectic schedules. If we’re not running to a meeting, a kids soccer game, or a community event, we’re getting caught up on work instead of strategizing about growing our business. We attempt to spend time ‘on’ our business, but spend more of it ‘in’ our business. Instead of determining what new marketing strategies are best for our businesses, we spend time sifting through the noise. We’re overloaded with information. This is where Client Success Videos become powerful.

The Power of Client Success Videos

In the old days, the strategy was large advertising budgets and shelves stocked with every marketing brochure you can imagine. Today, things are different. Through the Internet and social media, people have access to more information than ever before.

One of the most effective and efficient ways to reach an audience is through video. By creating a series of client success videos, your sales and marketing team can use could be one of your best investments. Client success videos allow your sales and marketing team to share them with prospective clients in a way that captures their attention in less than 3 minutes.

Client success videos also help you and your team stay engaged with your clients and remember the impact you make with them. They become an internal marketing tool as much as an external one. When employees hear client success videos, it helps keep them motivated and loyal to your business and your brand.

In the client success video above, we’re thankful for Payton Mayes and his team at Cephas Partners. Payton’s video testimonial helps us remember what he values about working with us. It allows us to stay emotionally connected with him and his team so we understand and appreciate the value he recognized in working with us.

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