Sales | July 25, 2016

Five Social Media Habits for Effective Sales
use social media for sales

Use Social Media for Sales

In an increasingly digital age, it is important for both large and small business to create and maintain an online presence. Social media has become a hot spot for marketing products and services. Learning how to use social media for sales has been a back and forth for some time now as companies try to find the best methods for not just selling but also building a client base. Here are five proven methods that have stood the test of time.

1. Personalize

Whether you’re setting up a profile on Facebook, Twitter or another social network it’s important to show more than just the services and products you offer. Add in a human touch to help engage followers. Post pictures of conventions, random work days and the random crazy fun fact about your industry. This will help followers connect with your company on a human level.

2. Authority

Often, prospective clients look for a certain amount of character proof when they’re looking for new businesses. If your online profile just shows off services and products with the occasional personal post then you’re going to miss out on being seen as the top company to buy from. When you find an article that favors your company share it on your profile. Change profile pictures to awards that the company has won.

3. Interact

Many companies who failed in their social marketing plan missed one big thing. They didn’t interact with their followers. To use social media for sales, you need to interact with the people who like your posts. If someone comments on a post, comment back. Answer questions in a timely manner. Strike up conversations and jump in. Interacting with prospective clients is a great way to expand their impression of you and your company.

4. Spread the Word

Get your social profiles out there. Link them from your main website and add social media sharing buttons to all your blog posts. Cross-platform sharing isn’t frowned upon if you use it sparingly. So you can share profile links through your social media profiles. Mention in a Twitter post that your Facebook page is live or link back to your Pinterest account from your Facebook page.

5. Content

If you want to use social media for sales, make sure everything you post has value. If it’s a funny workday post, then make sure it’s enough to get followers to laugh or at least smile. When sharing articles, make sure they are high quality and are relevant to your market. Companies that post useless content tend to lose followers faster than they gain them.

Have a Strategy

Content both on your website and on social media can drive leads and sales for your business. If you're looking to build a content strategy, get in touch with us. We can help.