How Good Web Design Impacts Business

In Search Engine Optimization (SEO) by JimBarker22

Good web design involves many disciplines including creative design, information architecture, copy writing, and website development.  The question often asked is How does good web design impact business?  In this article, we share the importance of web design for business.

Good Web DesignImportance of Good Web Design

Web design is often broken down into three core areas – graphic design, user experience design, and search engine optimization (SEO).  Website graphic design is creating the website structure including layout, colors, fonts, and imagery.  When it comes to capturing the attention of a consumer, website design can be very important.  When considering your web design, think about your audience – what are their tastes, what would they like to experience when they find the best company, product and service they are looking for, and what aesthetics will grab their attention and impress them. 

Although web graphic design is often what people think of when considering good web design, user experience design is also very important.  Having a beautiful website is great, but if the user experience is not, your website will be ineffective.  Make sure the navigation and call to action on the website is simple for any user – testing on a 7 year old isn’t a bad idea.

Finally, search engine optimization (SEO) is so important, it should also be part of the web design process.  Too often, web designers create a website without considering SEO and content marketing only to build an awesome website no one can find.  We sometimes refer to this as building the mansion in the middle of the dessert only to find you can never invite guests over.  Make sure your SEO strategy is being considered with your website and social properties.

Businesses gain the attention of their customers with the designs they have chosen for their website and social properties including Twitter page, Facebook page and YouTube channel. In order to have a design that will be remembered by your customers, you need to add some creativity to your business. Make your companies design stand out and be different from your competitors with good web design.

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