Why a Blog and Video Business Story are Important

In Marketing by JimBarker22

Communication and creating a brand for a small business are two common challenges.  Small business owners don’t always have the advertising budget for television, radio, and putting their names on stadiums.  Therefore, they depend more on local business websites and marketing campaigns to draw people in and keep them close.

Blog and Video Business Story

While helping local business owners with their websites, we often see two common areas of opportunity overlooked. These two areas include blogging and sharing with a video business story.  In this article, we share why these are so important in helping connect and ultimately convert viewers to customers.

What is a blog and how does it help a business?

Blogs are more commonly used as a form of educational content marketing where local businesses share information important for their customers and other followers.  Most local business websites are comprised of pages and posts.  Pages usually focus on a product or service the local business provides whereas blogs may be more seasonal, answer specific questions or provide tips for their customers.

Since most business blogs discuss a particular subject or answer a specific question, they tend to support a product or service with the article.  For instance, if we write an article on economic development marketing, it supports one of our core offerings of Internet marketing.  Some of the economic development article might also discuss content marketing as part of an Internet marketing strategy.  Both of these are core offerings of ours, yet the article is meant to be more educational and informative.

Blogs tend to be one of the more important components of an effective content marketing plan.  One other is a video business story on the local business website.

Video Business StoryWhat is video business story and how it help?

Since video is one of the most effective ways of sharing a local business story, we often help our clients create a 30 to 120 second video story to help customers and potential customers connect more closely with them and ultimately convert them to customers.  With video business stories, people can quickly learn and emotionally connect with a local business.

Be creative and productive when creating a video business story to make sure the video is easy to understand. Hiring an Internet marketing company experienced with video production can be very important – especially considering you may have hundreds or even thousands of people who see your video, and you want to make sure you present your best image (only one chance at a first impression).

For help creating and managing a content marketing plan consisting of blogs and a video business story for your local business, call Social180 at 469-420-0180.