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Creating a Killer Content Strategy

In Marketing, Search Engine Optimization (SEO), Social Media by Tiffany Hernandez

In today’s digital marketplace, the easiest and most efficient way to connect with new and established customers is online. But to succeed and develop strong and lasting business relationships with your clients, it’s going to take more than a scattershot approach to content marketing. You need a strategy that reaches your ideal client where they already are: social media. Keep …

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The Foundational 5 For a Strong Online Presence

In Marketing, Search Engine Optimization (SEO), Social Media by Marc

People are looking for you online, and what they see is called your online presence. In this digital, wireless, smartphone age, a strong online presence is essential for your business to reach its full potential. Still not convinced? Let’s bring out the big guns from a recent study by Deloitte. According to their study, when a business created a strong online …

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Chatbots: The Next Big Thing in Business Website Design

In Social Media by Webmaster SEO1 Comment

Web design trends are changing faster than ever. People are exchanging, embracing, and adapting information at an unprecedented rate. Web designs that look sleek and modern now could be considered out-of-style within several months. Staying up-to-date, therefore, is essential for the success of your business website. If you want your business site to rise above the ever-changing trends, consider working …

Ways To Engage your Followers on Social Media

In Social Media by Tiffany Hernandez

Any modern business owner knows that there is an extensive sea of potential clients on social media. With all those consumers, it’s little wonder why so many businesses have turned to sites like Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn to expand their brand image as part of their content marketing strategy. Of course, a profile on these sites alone is not enough. To really …

How to Have the Best Facebook Landing Page

In Social Media by xxiiadmin

Do you want to convert new Facebook visitors into leads? It’s time to create a Facebook landing page. Visitors either land there the first time they visit you, or after clicking through on one of your  ads. A Facebook landing page is like a mini intro website within Facebook’s social networking platform. Visitors won’t see it again after they follow …

Leverage Social Media for Outreach

In Social Media by xxiiadmin

The explosive growth of social media has changed how companies interact with each other and their customers. If you’re still relying on Google searches for most of your outreach, it’s time to start using social media channels. Social media allows businesses and business people to foster relationships and grow brands on the web. The following tips may help you leverage …

Blogging versus Facebook Notes

In Social Media by JimBarker22

Content marketing continues to evolve as an effective and efficient way for people and brands to communicate with customers.  Still people contributing contemplate blogging versus using Facebook Notes to share and engage their audience.  In this article, we compare the difference in blogging on a website versus utilizing Facebook Notes.

Creating a YouTube Channel for Business

In Social Media by JimBarker22

Millions of people worldwide visit YouTube daily.  In fact, many of them do research about products and services before investing in them. YouTube can be an effective tool for promoting a business.  Here are three considerations when creating a YouTube channel for a business.

Content Marketing or Social Media

In Social Media by JimBarker22

Local business marketers are often wonder which is more important – content marketing or social media marketing.  In this article, we discuss each of these separately types of Internet marketing. Marketing with Social Media or Content Marketing