Social Media | July 4, 2016

Three Ways to Use your Technology for Lead Generation
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Are you resisting the information age by avoiding technological advancements? If so, you’re also creating a void for your company. By not embracing technology, you are siphoning away potential for unlimited opportunities to attract leads and new customers. When you use technology for leads, you open up doors that give you the ability to expand your reach beyond your brick-and-mortar office. In fact, you’ll be able to reach exponentially farther than your single-page virtual storefront.

There are three primary ways to use technology for leads, visibility, brand awareness, and customer acquisition.

  1. Email
  2. Blogging
  3. Social Media

Think this list is missing items? What about a landing page and virtual shopping cart? Should you include pages of information about your company, and what services you can offer to your target audience? To the contrary. While those things are important, the three items listed above can easily redirect attention back to your website or landing pages where your visitors can explore further.


When you explore using email to connect and reconnect with your target audience, you’ll be able to use technology for leads that come from three sectors:

  • Cold Leads – unsolicited and directed toward a specific demographic
  • Qualified Leads – customers and interested potential customers
  • Peer Leads – vendors, business opportunities, networking with peers

Email marketing is an excellent way to reach out to your audience in a passive way and let them know you’re interested in their wants and needs. It also allows you to inform them of your ability to:

  • Solve their problems
  • Answer their questions
  • Fulfill their demands and desires


Blogging is the perfect way to put a more personal face on your business. By creating and maintaining a company blog, you use technology for leads that may otherwise avoid your attempts at connection. This can help you with leads that would normally avoid social media advertising, or shuffle much of their email content into a spam folder or trash bin.

Aside from being a more informal format for communicating ideas and information, blogging also allows you to evolve your digital persona. You can create a style and tone that support your brand and help you stand out among your competitors. Readers and site visitors revisit blogs that they find appealing, entertaining, informative, or otherwise valuable to them in some way. It’s essential that your blog meet those criteria to attract and retain a solid and loyal audience.

Social Media

Social media gives you the opportunity to use technology for leads who spend a lot of time online. Most social media users check their social networks several times a day. They often have alert and notification options that give them immediate information on their smartphones and other mobile devices. Additionally, each social network has a user base with its own particular demographic allowing you to fine-tune your marketing messages to those particular users.

No matter what method you choose when you begin to use technology for leads, the most important aspect is that you do it. More people are using technology than ever before. If your company chooses to stay in the stone age, you’ll be missing out on a wealth of opportunities.

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