Creating a 2013 Marketing Plan for Your Local Business

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Creating a Marketing Plan for Your Local Business

5 Tips in Preparing Your Local Marketing Plan for 2013

As 2013 quickly approaches, many local business leaders are beginning to prepare a marketing plan for the year.  While this can be fun and exciting, it can also be very challenging and thought provoking. So we decided to share 5 tips to help you make your 2013 marketing plan the best ever.

Marketing PlanFirst, you must know the audience for local business. Many people think of their audience only as their customers (current customers). However, your audience is usually much more than just your current customers. For instance, most of your friends and family admire and respect you as a local business leader. So they are more than willing to help you promote your local business in order to help you succeed. At the same time, there are many prospective customers who will choose you for your products and services this year that we refer to as future customers.  Make sure you define your entire audience not only in these categories but also by geography, age, martial status and any additional specifics you can define and share them with your friends, family and employees.

Second, after you have identified your audience, you need to know how they choose to communicate.  By learning how they communicate, you will make it easier for them to choose to do business with you and to help promote your local business.  Communication is a common challenge with all of the new forms available and in use – voice (home or mobile phone), text, email, and socia media.  Make sure you know how your audience chooses to communicate and do your best to adapt your communication to theirs in order to make it easy for them.

One way of getting your family and friends to help promote your business is through social media. Since many people are already connected to hundreds of friends and family members through social media, it’s as easy as asking them to share a link to your company’s social media accounts or website.  Think about your family members who have a large following on Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn or Google+ and start with them.  You will often find that you have a family member or friend with over 1,000 followers on one of these social media platforms.

Third, identify your strategy for marketing to them. In other words, what methods and platforms will your local business use to market to and get engaged with your audience?  Will you budget heavily for paid online advertising or offline advertising?  Will you focus more on outbound marketing with an outbound salesforce?  Or will you use more engaging methods like social media and blogging?  Whatever your method of communicating, make sure you have it well documented and everyone in your local business understands their roles.  If you need help with your marketing strategy, marketing firms like Social180 can help.

Fourth, determine what results you would like to achieve with your local marketing plan. Look back at 2010, 2011 and 2012 results, and determine what type of results you would like to achieve for 2013. These results might include a combination of revenue, budgeting, team growth, product and service growth and other considerations.  Be specific and narrow down on the results you would like to achieve for 2013 and then map them out month by month throughout the year.

And finally, work with your team to document and share your marketing plan with everyone so that everyone understands the goals and expectations for 2013.  Your success with achieving your desired results in 2013 can be heavily influenced by how effective you are in communicating these goals and holding yourself and everyone else accountable throughout the year. In your company meetings, everyone should hear where you are in achieving your goals.

For help in creating your 2013 marketing plan, call us at Social180 at 469-420-0180 or connect with us on Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Google+ or other social communities were we shared ideas with many of our clients.