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5 Reasons We’re Thankful for XXIIBrands

In Agency Life, Leadership & Strategyby Tiffany Hernandez

On the 22nd of every month, we like to highlight our team here at xxiibrands. This month we would like to introduce you to our hardworking Content Marketing Team! In celebration of Thanksgiving they have each come up with 5 reasons they’re thankful for xxiibrands. Here’s what they had to say!


1. I love the heart behind xxiibrands and the passion to serve companies with a high level of excellence.
2. xxiibrands provides the environment to learn new skills, ask A LOT of questions (mostly without judgment!), and build on my own skills, strengths & passions.
3. I love interacting with awesome people, and I get to do that at xxiibrands! Our team is a fun, creative and inspiring crew, and occasionally funny, too! On top of an amazing team, the client interactions that I am privy to always prove to be more of the same awesomeness!
4. I’m constantly blown away at the amount of talent and creativity of the team surrounding me! Their intuition, knowledge and ability to execute are a constant reminder of the vision that is being fulfilled.
5. I love team meetings. Mostly because of the yummy food provided. Just keeping it real.


1. I get to work with people who have the same purpose in life – to further God’s kingdom.
2. Our meetings (edgy playdates) are never short of laughter, encouragement, and snacks. Always, always good snacks whether that be tacos, cookies, or coffee!
3. I get to be a part of a beautiful mastermind group of creative, honest and inspiring people with all different talents and strengths. I work with some AMAZING people!
4. I get to stop mid-day and snuggle my little girls any time I want. xxiibrands is, and always has been a supporter of my # 1 role as a mom. They even let me bring my girls to the office when needed!
5. Our fearless leaders let me review and retake my bio picture as many times as I want, unlike the DMV.


1. Being on the inside of the creative process is both fascinating and exciting.
2. The people make all the difference! Working with a group who has a united purpose and goal completely transforms the work environment.
3. I love the opportunity I’ve been given to learn and develop new skills! It can be challenging, but it’s also extremely fulfilling.
4. This job gives me the ability to balance my work life with my marriage. xxiibrands isn’t just invested in what I can offer – they’re also invested in my family!
5. Taco Tuesdays! It’s really Taco (any)day. We love to eat, laugh, and do life together!


1. I love the people I work with!
2. I am constantly learning and creating!
3. I am passionate about the vision that our leaders have cast and their hearts to serve others!
4. I have the flexibility to be a wife and mom!
5. I love helping people!



From all of us here at xxiibrands, we wish you a safe and happy Thanksgiving!