Southlake Local Service Leaders

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Southlake Local Service Leaders

Southlake Local Service Leaders of Local People Serving Local People

What the Southlake Local Service Leaders are Doing to Bring Business Back from Wall Street to Main Street

Several weeks back, Social180 began visiting with the Southlake Chamber of Commerce about creating a “Word of Mouth” referral group to help the chamber with group involvement and participation.  After several weeks for discussions and strategizing, the Southlake Local Service Leaders group was formed and local business owners were contacted to discuss.  On May 1st, the Southlake Local Service Leaders word of mouth referral group was launched with our first meeting of roughly 12 local businesses.

While this is all a good notification, the meaning of this blog is to share the ideas that came from the founder members who believe strongly in bringing local business back to Main Street versus on to Wall Street.  Over the last decade, we have seen very large corporations, banks and other institutions work their way into local markets in an attempt to dominate these local markets.  All the while, local business owners continue to work hard and provide great services to Southlake residents and visitors.  The Southlake Local Service Leaders group is one of the firsts in a movement across the nation to bring Wall Street back to Main Street and we are proud of this group’s founding members for making this possible.

So, what is the Southlake Local Service Leaders all about?  First, it is about helping local people serve local people.  That’ right… if your neighbor three houses down owns a landscaping company and cannot afford the advertising budget of the largest in the nation that might be based in New York, the Southlake Local Service Leaders believe that we should give our neighbor a chance.  After all, almost all of your investment with the local landscaper stays in the local community.  So helping local people serve local people is critical.

Second, the Southlake Local Service Leaders is comprised primarily of businesses who provide exceptional services to residents in or around Southlake.  These range from realtors, interior designers, remodelers, roofers, landscapers, restoration companies, HVAC providers, plumbing companies, electricians, home theatre designers and more serving Southlake homeowners and those around Southlake.

And third, the Southlake Local Service Leaders believe in strong values including helping those in need, practicing integrity in every area of serving, providing excellent experiences for each homeowner while understanding that their issues may not be the best, giving to those in need and having a faith that God will guide us to make the right decisions when we trust in Him to guide us.  These values are important to the members of the group and important to the Southlake community.

We are excited with the new Southlake Local Service Leaders word of mouth referral group and excited to see this Main Street movement spread across the DFW area.  For more information on the Southlake Local Service Leaders, contact Jim Barker at 469-444-0180 or connect with us via Google+YouTubeFacebookTwitter, LinkedIn or Pinterest.  Social180 is a proud member of the Southlake Chamber of Commerce and manages over 100 websites and social properties along with Main Street Southlake.

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