Social Media Marketing Services

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In today’s ever changing world, one of the most important drivers for small business is awareness – specifically through marketing. Social media marketing services have become effective with growing a business of loyal customers willing to refer and give online reviews when they experience great service.

Advertising and Social Media Marketing Services

These days, with so many different advertising sources for small business, it’s increasingly important to spread the word and grow word of mouth referrals.   Word of mouth referrals are normally the best customers for many reasons – long-term loyalty, referrals and protecting profitability.

Social Media Marketing ServicesDepending on the type of customer, product and service your business offers, the most important social media platforms are normally the ones with the highest volume of followers in your target market.  These usually include Facebook, LinkedIn, Google+, Twitter, Pinterest and YouTube.  Each of these have their own type of community.

Facebook typically has the largest audience with the widest variety of followers. For almost any business launching social media marketing services for growing their customers, Facebook is important.  Make sure to setup your Facebook page and post on it weekly with tips, links to helpful articles and photos.

LinkedIn is more for professional use and particularly effective for organizations with a sales staff selling to other businesses – often referred to as B2B or business to business sales.  Used heavily for recruiting, LinkedIn is often used in place of a resume and is great for connecting with other professionals.

Google+ (often called Google Plus by many) and Twitter have their own following.  These two tend to have people who are more interested in specific things like technology, business, economics, and social media in general.  They can both be important at varying levels depending on your clientele.

Pinterest marketing is growing rapidly because of the increasing volume of middle aged women who love style and crafts. Basically an online pinboard community, Pinterest can be very effective for getting people to your website to view your photo gallery or videos.

The uniqueness of YouTube makes it important since it is technically the 3rd largest search engine and a Google community integrated with Google+ and Google search.  YouTube is definitely a social media platform you should consider for educational videos, production of success stories, your small business story and any other ways to provide you audience value.

While these are important with social media marketing services for small business, there are several more to consider.  For help with your social media marketing services and adverting, Call Social180 at 469-420-0180.