Social Media During the World Series

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Many Americans love sports… especially championships where one team wins and becomes the best in the game and the other accepts runner up after a long, hard fought year.  Since the World Series is around the corner and the talk around the water coolers will include many debates over whether Boston will win or St. Louis, you should be thinking of ideas to help with engaging your clients and followers during the World Series.

How Using Social Media Can Help You During the World Series

Over the next few days, we will watch the two best teams in Major League Baseball fight to see who can win 4 games before the other in order to win the World Series and become the best team in baseball.  Your business might not be able to purchase a suite at the World Series to bring your customers, but you can definitely have some fun and stay in the conversation using social media.   Here are three ways to use social media to help stay engaged and build a following over the next few days.

Use Hashtags like #WorldSeries

When you are sharing topics, asking questions or making comments about the World Series, use #WorldSeries and others so that people view them when following these trends.  This can not only help your current followers see you on their trends, but also allow you to reach a broader audience of people who might be prospective customers.

Contests and Debates

People love a good, healthy debates.  Get your clients, friends and family involved in a good healthy debate using World Series topics.  In fact, giving your followers the opportunity to share thoughts, predictions and comments on your social pages might create an opportunity for future contests and events.  Here are some simple questions you might ask on your social platforms.

  • Who will win the World Series?
  • How many games will the World Series last?
  • Who will win MVP of the World Series?
  • Who was the last Cardinal to win the MVP of the World Series?
  • Which team has won the most World Series?

Communicate with Your Defined Audience

Social media platforms now offer the ability to promote posts and pages in order to help a business grow a following.  In most cases, they will allow you to select demographic options for the people you know of potential customers.  This is important since you are looking to get them involved in the discussion more than others.  Be willing to spend a little to reach and engage this audience.   On the attached image, you will see some of our Facebook marketing settings for boosting posts.  In this particular post, you will see how it has the potential to reach 1,700 to 3,100 people out of our 82,000 defined audience for as little as $15.  More importantly, you will see some of the options for reaching this audience including city, age, gender and relation to current followers.  This can be important for other social media campaigns as well.

Facebook Social Media Marketing

Events are popular because people are interested, so remember this is your opportunity to engage and grow your social following.  For help with social media marketing campaigns and business advertising needs, let us serve you.