7 Reasons Social Media is a MUST

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Seven Reasons Social Media is a MUST in Your Local Business

Social Media Marketing and the Reasons You Need to Be Social in Your Local Business

While there are still a small handful of people out there who do not have a Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter or other social media account, the rest of the world is engaging in social media regularly – most daily.  In fact, 23% of Facebook users check their account at least 5 times per day.  So what does social media mean for local business leaders and their local marketing strategies?

Here are 7 Reasons Social Media is a MUST for Your Local Business in 2013:

  1. Traditional Mediums are Dying Fast
    Many local businesses get their best Raving Fans (loyal customers) through word of mouth marketing, yet depend on advertising to help them bring another 30-40% of the other customers and future customers for growth.  Since many local business leaders operate small businesses, their advertising budgets are not the size of larger, more established businesses.  In the past, their options have been traditional mediums like direct mail, canvassing, door hangers and others where they would do their best to track advertising expenses to determine what worked and what didn’t.  While this strategy worked in the past, it is becoming more and more ineffective while social media becomes more of the area where consumers spend their time.
  2. Consumers Tired of Splash and Blast Marketing
    For decades, local advertisers focused on creativity and repetition.  How creative can we get our ad?  And how many times can we put it in front of our audience?  While creativity is important, it is hard to know your audience when you really do not yet know your audience.  So creativity should be focused around offers and reasons your audience might choose to take action to call you.  Repetition on the other hand can become annoying.  How many yellow page books do we still get dropped on our doorsteps only to throw them away?  People are tired of being splashed and blasted with advertising from local advertisers.  They want to be engaged and able to interact.  They want to ask questions and socialize with others.  Stop splashing and blasting!
  3. Friends, Family, Coworkers & Clients Want to Help You
    When starting a local business, think about what you were told… “Let your friends and family know.  They want to help you.”  This is one of the best ways of growing a local business and works very well with social media.  After all, you are likely connected to your friends, family, coworkers and top customers in social media and they like hearing about your success and growth.  Help them help you by sharing your business pages with them to allow them to share with their friends and family.  This is word of mouth marketing at its finest.
  4. Social is Affecting Your Search Rank
    It has been promised for the last couple of years and it is now here.  Social media impacts search rank!  In an article published over two years ago by Danny Sullivan of Search Engine Land, Danny shares social signals and how social media was beginning to impact rank.  Today it is live and well and continues to have a greater and greater impact on search rank and growth.  In one example of a local roofing company, we were able to get their website, Google Local Page, YouTube video, Facebook page and Merchant Circle listing all on the first page of local search within 120 days (and it’s still there over a year later).
  5. Branding for Local Business Must be Social
    Building a brand takes time, energy and creativity.  If you are a small local business with less than $10 million in annual revenue, it is virtually impossible to build a brand in your local market without social media.  Considering the intelligent ways of local marketing within zip codes and to your specific audience using Facebook and Google, building your brand through social media is usually THE most effective and efficient way.
  6. People are Social – Stop Denying It
    As much as people say they are not social, it is a fact that we all need each other.  God created us as people and not a person.  We all want to be significant and it is natural for us to want to help one another.  Think about the last time you watch someone perform on a stage and make mistakes… you felt for them.  We all have an internal need to socialize and be significant to one another.  Social media is a great platform for us to share our beliefs and value with others and for them to share theirs with us.
  7. Success Stories Best Shared Socially
    Most every business has loyal Raving Fans who want to share their experience with others.  Social media is a great platform for sharing Success Stories through videos, pictures, quotes, blogs and more.  Even quoted testimonials with a picture of your work can be significant.  Think about it… if you serve homeowners, one of the primary challenges is getting a new customer comfortable with you and your work.  One of the best ways of doing this is through others sharing their experience in using your local business.

While these seven reasons are important, they are not the only reasons social media is a must for your local business.  To learn more about using social media to create Raving Fans for your local business and other local marketing strategies, connect with us on Facebook, Google, Twitter or LinkedIn.  You can also Call Us at 469-420-0180.

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