How to Optimize Facebook Profiles for Users

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Facebook was created in 2004 and is the world’s number one social media website today. This most popular form of social media allows users to connect, communicate and share with friends and family online.  With over 1 billion Facebook users, an average of 728 million log onto Facebook each day.  In this article, we share how to optimize Facebook profiles for users.

Ways to Optimize Facebook Profiles for Users

Optimize Facebook ProfilesA Facebook profile for users is a simple Facebook page that communicates who we are. Your Facebook Profile includes age, gender, background, relationships, interests and much more.  Once you join Facebook and create your personal profile, you will decide how you want to use Facebook’s different features.

First, you will need to give Facebook your basic personal information to sign up. You’ll then be instructed to find your personal friends and choose a profile picture. Your Profile picture can either be uploaded or take a photo with your webcam.

One of the best ways to optimize Facebook profiles is to update your Profile picture. Our eyes are drawn to pictures more than words, so when a user is scrolling through Facebook, you want your picture to be attentive and recognizable. To update your Profile photo, go to your Profile then scroll down and click “Update Info” and click “Edit” to the section you’d like to change. All changes to your Facebook Profile will be automatically save.

When you begin to optimize a Facebook profile for yourself, you should consider your work and education, the places you’ve lived, your interests, quotes of people you admire, contact information, relationships and family.  Completing all of these area can be a great start with how to optimize Facebook profile for users.

Updating your Facebook status is also simple and easy. Go to your profile and click the “Update Status” and type in what you are doing or would like to share to your Facebook users. You are also allowed to include your location, who you are with, and how you are currently feeling.

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