Local Marketing via Social Media for Word of Mouth

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How the Internet and Social Media Marketing Help

Social Media and Its Impact on Local Marketing via Word of Mouth

For centuries, local businesses have used local marketing in order to grow their brand which has naturally led to “word of mouth” marketing from these local businesses.  For the last couple of decades, much has changed and many local business leaders have been challenged with these changes in local marketing and now social media marketing is helping them regain this momentum in their business growth.

Although social media marketing is relevantly new after coming alive over the last 5 years, it has made a significant impact on many local businesses and their local marketing efforts.  With Facebook quickly approaching 1 billion users and many other social media platforms having in the hundreds of thousands of users, successful business leaders have realized this is a platform for communicating with customers to regain the word of mouth momentum.  Therefore, more and more local business leaders are using social media marketing to help grow their businesses as the new leading engine for local marketing.

So how does social media help with local marketing?  The leading target customer audience for many businesses is still mothers who tend to be more educated shoppers.  In the recent Marketing Charts study published as Moms Make Keen Brand Ambassadors on Social Networks, they shared that almost 60% of mothers interviewed shared brand recommendations on social communities.  In other words, 6 of 10 mothers will use social media sites to tell their friends about our products and/or services.  For many Social180 clients providing services to homeowners, this is an important learning for our marketing efforts.

As local marketing continues to evolve and improve with the use of social media marketing, business leaders and marketers should adapt and pay close attention to our clients and where their desired social habits.  For instance, are our clients’ mothers on Pinterest, business professionals on LinkedIn, technical folks on Twitter or younger adults on Facebook?  We need to know and learn this over time in order to effectively market and communicate with our clients.

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