How Local Marketing Has Changed with the Internet

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How Local Marketing Has Changed with the Internet

Local Business Leaders Reach Local Consumers Faster Than Ever

Social Media, Internet and New Age Local Marketing Allows Small Business Leaders to Excel

Before the year 2000, local marketing for local business was much about getting the word out through many different sources of advertising – yellow pages, direct mail, billboards, radio, television, fleet signs, yard signs, newspapers, trade publications and many more sources.  As local business leaders grew, they were told to advertise everywhere.  In fact, many believed frequency and repetition were the most important.  So… many small business owners spent more and more on advertising with more and more sources.

Since then much has changed in local marketing – mainly the ability for local business entrepreneurs to leverage Internet marketing, social media marketing and more recently mobile marketing.  So… what really changed?  Well, to start, consumers began tossing their yellow pages in the trash in exchange for the Internet (thanks to Yahoo and Google initially).  Earlier this year, AT&T sold off over 50% of their yellow page business at fire sale prices (some say 20% of what should be expected in the media space).  Even the creators of the yellow pages see their extinction coming.

Beyond the fact that Google has continued to improve its search algorithm to help local consumers find local service providers and retailers quicker than ever, local marketing has advanced technologically in many ways.  Ten years ago, measuring local marketing and advertising expenses was very, very difficult and only affordable for large companies.  Even today, many local business ad costs are measured by someone answering the phone to ask how a new customer heard about them.  Much has changed to allow advertising tracking in many different ways in order to improve local marketing results.

Measuring traditional or offline advertising sources has been improved with the Internet.  Now a small local business can track these traditional ad sources by tracking the telephone number and Internet traffic from the advertisement.  For instance, QR codes, unique web addresses, web forms and SMS text campaigns allow local consumers to communicate in more ways than being asked to call the local business.  And when the call is made, it will be tracked and routed wherever necessary through the ability of new age voice communication using IP technology (yes, IP stands for Internet Protocol – again, one more way the Internet helps).

So imagine this… what if every dollar of your local marketing advertising budget could be tied back to the activities that help your local business win more customers?  What if your local business advertised with 10+ sources and knew for a fact how many calls, web forms, appointments, proposals, sales, revenues and profits were generated from each and every ad source and distribution.  This is available today with the Internet and effective measuring of web, voice, text and email communication sources at very affordable costs for local business leaders.

Social180 helps with local marketing and measuring the effectiveness of advertising sources for local business leaders.  By leveraging social media marketing and Internet marketing, Social180 then helps local business leaders engage and communicate with their local audience more frequently, but more important… more effectively.  Visit us Facebook, YouTube, Twitter or Pinterest or give us a call if we can help you and your local business at 469-420-0180.