Leverage Social Media for Outreach

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The explosive growth of social media has changed how companies interact with each other and their customers. If you’re still relying on Google searches for most of your outreach, it’s time to start using social media channels. Social media allows businesses and business people to foster relationships and grow brands on the web. The following tips may help you leverage social media networks for your business.

Exhibit Self-Disclosure

Self-disclosure is a critical aspect of fostering close relationships on social media. Self-disclosure includes talking about yourself on a personal level as well as displaying social interactions. Users are much more likely to interact with a company that posts photos, videos, and shares insight into company happenings on a regular basis. As a general rule, you should be posting approximately 20 percent promotional content and 80 percent other content. This gives you ample room to post content of a more personal nature.

Build Authority

One of the first things that users should see when they come across a company social media profile is authority. Start by optimizing your profile pictures, cover images, and profile descriptions. You may want to mention places that have published your work, or TV shows that have featured your products. Then look for opportunities to write guest posts for key influencers. Do your research to determine topics that will offer benefit to your target audience. Finally, offer endorsements on LinkedIn as it is appropriate to do so. The more endorsements you give, the more likely it is that you’ll get them in return.

Seek Out Relevant Conversations

There are in-depth conversations happening on every popular social media network. The trick is finding the conversations that are relevant for your organization. Consider using a social media tool like SproutSocial or Hootsuite to track relevant keywords. As you discover conversations of interest, retweet the best tweets, add to the conversations using @ mentions, and start following active users. Many people host Twitter chats at specific times each week, which makes it even easier to join the conversation.

Track Down Original Sources for Pinterest Content

Many company owners assume that all active Pinterest users are food bloggers and stay at home moms who pin recipes and DIY projects all day long. In reality, there are a wide range of individuals and professionals who use Pinterest for all sorts of purposes. Regardless of the type of business you’re marketing, you will likely be able to make valuable connections through Pinterest.

One key way to find these connections is to track down the original sources for photos that you find the most relevant or compelling. Use Pinterest’s search function to find these images, then use Google’s reverse image search to confirm the original sources. Once you’ve located a handful of connections, start following their boards and re-pinning their pins. You can also contact them about potential collaborative initiatives, such as creating a group Pinterest board or hosting a webinar.

Outreach is an ongoing process. One strategy may work well for a while and then fizzle out, forcing you to explore alternative methods. Don’t be afraid to keep experimenting with different tactics to figure out what works best for your company, and tweak these tactics as needed to maximize your results.

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