How Big Brands Use Facebook Status Updates

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Facebook status updatesMany small business owners use social media sites such as Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn to promote their business. Blackberry, Audi, and Coca-Cola are just a few of the many Big Brands that use social media and specifically Facebook status updates to their advantage. Businesses use Facebook status updates or create social media posts to engage and communicate with customers, employees, friends, family and other followers.  In this article, we share a couple of thoughts used by Big Brands for Facebook status updates to grow their following and create Raving Fans.

Facebook Status Updates by Big Brands

Hershey’s uses Facebook status updates to torture our tastebuds and increase their business through funny jokes, deliciously painful pictures, and promoting special events. Hershey’s uses their products image to draw in followers and customers (over 6 million of them on their Facebook page). The goal is to draw attention to a brand, so don’t just add a boring link and call it a day. Facebook users want something appealing, educational, funny or entertaining.

Restaurants, food labels, and car dealerships all use Facebook status updates to their advantage.  To increase their marketing and brand awareness, they update their Facebook status with creative questions, photos, articles and videos for their ideal client also know as target audience to find appealing and entertaining. The easiest way to organize what you would like to include in your Facebook status updates is to organize your ideas into a content marketing calendar and decide what it is that you’re target audience is truly interested in reading and reviewing.

The technique is simple. In fact, Gap used a status update that earned thousands of likes and comments. “Take up to 40% off select styles on and in stores…” Not only did this update receive amazing reviews, but it also brought customers to Gap and convinced them to purchase their products off and in stores. 12 words is all it took to increase their Raving Fan base which in turn increases their revenue and profit.

Take a note from these Big Brand and create Facebook status updates that will increase your business for the better.  For help with creating a social marketing campaign to grow your local brand and business, call Social180 at 469-420-0180 today!