Facebook Marketing – Top 3 Days to Post

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When Businesses Should Post on Facebook

For years now, local business marketing firms have debated and argued when and where to post and share.  This week, socialbakers published a study showing when it pays off to post on Facebook.  Interestingly enough, this results were not what many expected.  In fact, their Facebook posting results showed more engaging posts on Monday, Wednesday and Friday and much less results on weekends as opposed to the Twitter study earlier this year.

Facebook Marketing Top 3 Days to PostFacebook Marketing – Top 3 Days to Post

While many people tend to spend time on Facebook on the weekends, engagement appears to be low with businesses and brands resulting in better performance and results during the week.  In fact, Mondays tend to be the best day for Facebook engagement of businesses and brands by over twice as much engagement opportunity as any other day of the week.  So what does this mean?

Mondays Best for Facebook Posts

While studies on Twitter engagement tend to show higher activity on weekends, Facebook studies indicate Mondays are the best for engagement of businesses and brands.  This stands to reason since most Facebook users tend to spend their time on Facebook over the weekend keeping up with friends and family showing much less engagement with businesses.  On Monday, Facebook users are ready for the work week and tend to pay closer attention to business updates.

Mondays are also very good since they show to be the lowest in percentage of posts created per weekday.  Since the remaining weekdays have over 16.6% of the weekly percentage of posts and Mondays show only 14.8%, this also helps make the most of Monday posts.  Thursdays, in fact, had the lowest opportunity of engagement of any of the other weekdays and coincidentally had the second most posts.

How Can Facebook Posting Impact Your Business

Since you now know some go the results of this study, applying these ideas to your local business can be important.  For instance, if you are posting blogs (like this one) and want to make sure it gets the best readership from your Facebook audience, posting it on Mondays could be much more effective than Thursdays.

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