Content Marketing or Social Media

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Local business marketers are often wonder which is more important – content marketing or social media marketing.  In this article, we discuss each of these separately types of Internet marketing.

Marketing with Social Media or Content Marketing

Content MarketingContent marketing can be a great way to inform, educate, or engage customers or prospects on the Internet. Social media is increasingly used as a form of marketing and communication.  So which is more important?

Content marketing is important for getting found and long-term engagement. It helps build an online following by providing helpful information through blog articles, videos, infographics and other forms of content sharing.

For instance, if your business is a custom home builder, you might get found for an article or video on “buying versus building a custom home”.  Since you’re providing helpful content about this subject, the prospective customer is more likely to continue following you.

Social media marketing is more of the active, ongoing communication with your customers and prospects.  Content marketing is helpful once it gets into the hands of your customers and prospects.  However, you have trouble keeping the conversation active unless you have a scheduled plan of weekly blog articles, videos, infographics or other supporting content.  This is where social media marketing becomes helpful.

Social media marketing allows you to communicate other helpful information between these more detailed content stages.  Social media posts might be simpler, shorter versions of the information you are sharing through your content marketing.

Where we often see the greatest marketing results is when content marketing and social media marketing work together.  When your content marketing strategy incorporates social media, you’re able to provide updates and posts between the other content sources throughout the week.

So which is more important?  Well, we believe both work best together.  It’s difficult to have a success social media campaign when you have not developed the content to support it.  It’s equally as challenging to get your content found and grow followers when you do not share the content created socially.

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