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Search Engine Optimization, commonly referred to as SEO services, is important for local businesses.  In this article, we will share what SEO is and things to consider when looking for SEO companies in Dallas or any other local market.

Dallas SEO Services

Before considering local SEO companies in Dallas TX, it’s important to have a basic understanding of what SEO is and the processes involved, so let’s start with a definition.  Since SEO services mean many things to many people, we will use the definition in this article as a method of helping a website get found through organic search on the Internet by people searching for those products or services.

Around 90% of all online traffic comes from search engines directing viewers or potential buyers to organically optimized websites.  When you’re in need of a product or service, one of the best ways to find it is by searching through a search engine like Google, Yahoo or Bing.  In a matter of seconds, you can type what you are searching for like “marketing companies in Dallas” and have a list of several to review.  This process is often referred to as searching or even googling.

From your search, the first pages to come up are those that search engines have chosen are relevant and authoritative. This is measured with page content and the quality of the page.  When hiring local SEO companies in Dallas, their SEO strategy and process is very important with website trafficking and getting your website to the top.

So how exactly do these search engines find which website should be ranked most effective? Spiders. No, not the eight legged creepy-crawlers that terrify us to no end, but search engine robots. These spiders crawl websites looking for several things.  For instance, one important area of SEO is the linking within a website.  Spiders find web pages by following links on other web pages called link exchange.  Effectively linking your website with others in your industry, local market, and even referral partners’ websites can be important.

What to ask when interviewing SEO companies in Dallas TX?

SEO Companies in DallasFirst, it is very important to make sure any SEO company you consider has an authentic SEO strategy and process.  There are far too many SEO companies attempting to “trick” the search engines into sending traffic to their websites.  Make sure your SEO company is linking to relevant websites and providing good, authentic content your customers are interested in.

Second, have each of the SEO companies in Dallas explain their content marketing process to you.  For effective local SEO, they should be incorporating blog articles, videos, photography, social media and mobile into their content marketing strategy.  Ask about their planned content marketing process where it relates to frequency, the type and quality of content, who provides the content, how it will be used and even ask to review their editorial calendar for this process.

Third, determine how you and the SEO company will know progress is being made.  What tools do they use to determine effectiveness?  What types of reports will the SEO company be able to provide you to let you know of their progress?  How often will you receive these reports?

And last, make sure to visit with other local companies who have used the SEO company for similar SEO services.  Do they have references that say good things about them?  Do their customers show growth in their business?  Come up with a list of 6-8 questions to ask the SEO company’s customers.

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