Internet Directories for Local Marketing

In Search Engine Optimization (SEO)by JimBarker22

Why Optimizing Internet Directories for Local Marketing is important?

Many local business owners often ask why optimizing Internet directories for local marketing is important in helping them Get Found.  While this can be a time-consuming task, there are several reasons optimizing directories for local marketing is important.  Look at what is happening with Google Local, Yahoo Local and Bing Local to see what is happening with the largest search engines and their focus on local search results for consumers.  So what does all of this mean?

Why is Local so important?

Let’s think back to the days before the Internet when people shopped locally at their neighborhood grocery stores, hardware stores and looked for local home contractors to serve their needs.  Why was Local so important then?  Many reasons… people like doing business with local people to fill fulfilled in giving back to the local community.  By giving to the local community, we feel a sense of contributing to local families, local businesses and local schools… because We Are!

While Google and the other search engines devised great methods of helping local consumers find businesses in the past, over the last two years specifically, they have realized the need to help people connect locally so that a local homeowner can find a local remodeling company or local landscaping contractors and not ones in another city.  We see the investments Google, Yahoo, Bing and other sources continue to make in their local strategy and it is significant.

So where do Local Directories come in?

Because of this consumer need, thousands of local directories have evolved into help sources in this search.  For instance, Merchant Circle and Mighty Main Street are two local Internet directories that help local people find local retailers and service providers.  Each allow for no cost listings where a local business owner can list his or her business for free and then optimize the listing with certain information that helps with local search results.  If he or she chooses, they can pay for a package from these providers usually starting at less than $100 per month which helps them get found not only in their directory but also in search results.

Social180 has help local businesses with this strategy for over 2 years and seen some of our local business clients grow in rank in multiple local directories to gain first page search results on their own website, social media sites and Internet directories.  One of the most important Internet directories is Google Local which can create pretty quick results depending on your local competition.  For more information on the importance of local Internet directories for local marketing with your business, Call Social180 at 469-420-0180.