How a Blog Helps SEO

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As search engines continue to change their algorithms to help people find the products, services, information and/or businesses they are seeking, local companies continue to look for new and improved ways to get found through SEO – search engine optimization.  The two ways most local businesses get found in search are organic SEO or and PPC or pay-per-click ads with Google AdWords, Yahoo, Bing or others.  In this article, we share How a Blog Helps SEO for a local business website.

How a Blog Helps SEOWhat is a Blog

Before trying to understand how a blog helps SEO for a local business website, it is important to understand what a blog is and the purpose of blog articles.  A blog is a personalized page meant for sharing content including articles, videos, pictures and/or other relevant information for viewers.  Business blogs are often created by web designers and marketing firms to help the business communicate education, newsworthy and informative content. Often blogs include How To’s, Tips, Checklists and other useful information for the customers of the business.  The business blogs are often focused on a local area like Dallas TX.

What to Include in a Business Blog

Blogs have some main essentials needed to fully inform customers of products or services provided by the business.  In order for a blog to attract the reader’s eye, blogs should include easy to read text and images that might help explain the blog article visually.  Making sure to keep your blog pages short and simple, yet informative, is important.  Many effective blogs include bright and inviting colors that really make the page stand out to draw the viewer’s eyes and make sure that the information on the business gets read.  For even better results, include images summarizing the article like infographics or even YouTube embedded videos that help give the readers a summary with visuals.

How a Blog Helps SEO for a Local Business Website

When search engine crawlers read through a business website, they are looking for information that might be helpful to the people searching.  These include keywords and key phrases in the description, URL link, headlines, images, videos or important areas of the article.  When they find these keywords and key phrases, they use them to serve up the people searching for those keywords and phrases with the best results.

In order to help a blog get found by search engines, there are several ways to go about it.  Two pretty common ways are to 1) share each new blog article through social media including Facebook, Twitter, Google+, LinkedIn and any others and 2) follow other similar blogs actively engaging, commenting and supporting them.  Where proper, you can share links to your blogs on other similar or complimentary blogs.

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