What the New Google Hummingbird Algorithm Means for Local SEO

In Search Engine Optimization (SEO)by JimBarker22

Google rolled out a major change in their search algorithm last month and it is estimated to impact 90% of local search.   This change called Google’s Hummingbird is significant because it’s really not just a change, its a new algorithm and was released throughout September with any formal announcement until September 26th.  So what will this new Google Hummingbird algorithm mean for local SEO?

Important Google Search Changes for Local SEO

For the last few years, Google has worked at making their search smarter and smarter when it comes to providing the best search result for local consumers.  This recent change proves Google is still very committed to learning and adjusting to consumer behaviors.  Since local SEO is impacted pretty heavily by this change, its important for us to understand this means.

First, Google has made it publicly known that they are focusing much of their search algorithm improvements around “Conversational Search” using “Natural Language” and the recent Hummingbird change proves they really are.  This new algorithm is believed to impact over 90% of searches by better understanding and utilizing natural language.

Since many people use Siri and other voice apps for search, this change applies to the specific question we, as consumers, are conditioned to ask. Instead of “custom home builders Dallas TX”, we might say find a custom home builder in Dallas TX and Google is committed to provide better results for this conversational search.

Second, with this change leading to more words in search phrases, it is expected that long tail key phrases will continue to not only grow in importance, but also grow in length.  Two years ago, we might have simply searched for landscaping contractor Dallas and now we search for landscaping construction contractors in Dallas TX.  If we imagine the voice commands, it might even be find me a landscape construction contractor in Dallas Texas.  Expect longer key phrases to continue to grow and expand.

While these are a couple of major changes with the Google Hummingbird search algorithm, there are likely to be more we learn about over coming months.  If you need help with local SEO and improving your company’s search rank, give Social180 a call at 469-420-0180.