Content Marketing and SEO

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Content marketing involves creating good content through blogs, videos, infographics, case studies, how to guides, photography and/or other formats your audience will love, and then sharing it through social media and other methods on the Internet.  In this article, we will share some of the basics of content marketing and explain how we see it helping with Search Engine Optimization – SEO – and growing Raving Fans.

What is Content Marketing

Over the last few years, Internet marketing has evolved in many ways, but likely the most significant – specifically as it relates to SEO and helping businesses Get Found on the Internet – is content marketing.  We’ve often said and believed 1) sales in a process not an event and 2) marketing’s purpose is to help facilitate the sales process.  Content marketing helps prove these two points.

Instead of comparing the many different definitions, we will focus more on what all content marketing includes and it’s impact on SEO.  But first, the most important thing to remember is that the content you create must be engaging by your ideal audience.  If your audience likes humor, make sure your content marketing process includes humor.  If they like educational information with How To guides, make sure to include them.  Remember to stay focused on what your ideal audience wants from you.

At the most basic level, a content marketing process could include a blog with regularly published articles – at least monthly. These articles could answer questions you’re asked by customers often referred to as frequently asked questions.  For instance, if you provide plumbing repair services to homeowners, you should develop a list of 15-20 questions you are often asked and write and share articles answering these questions.

If your audience is more interested industry news, you might choose to share industry articles from other sources and give your input on each of them.  This is often referred to as curating content in your content marketing process and can also be very important for the right audience.

To improve the quality of a blog, you can also include photography and videos.  If the blog is a success story with a customer, you might choose to include a video testimonial from the customer embedded in the article.

How Content Marketing Helps with SEO

content marketingIf you have paid attention to SEO over the last three years, you have likely heard about Google’s Panda, Penguin and Hummingbird algorithm changes.  These changes and others coming have and will continue to effect SEO and content marketing strategies.  One thing is for sure – good, effective, engaging content will continue to help with search engine optimization.

Think about it… search engines are truly trying to provide people searching with the results they desire.  Since people most often want to be educated about any purchase, vendor selection or consideration in buying something, its this education process where content marketing helps.

An effective content marketing process with articles, offers, images, infographics and videos can help a business website with SEO in many ways.  For help with a content marketing process for your business, call Social180 at 469-420-0180.