Content Marketing as the Friend of SEO

In Search Engine Optimization (SEO)by Marc

Content marketing and SEO are like peanut butter and jelly. Search Engine Optimization and Content Marketing always work better when they are together. It’s almost like a cause and effect situation. When content marketing and SEO work together, they boost your search results allowing your business to get found and grow.

Content Marketing and SEO Services

A common debate with local marketing companies is whether content marketing is more important than SEO or vice versa.  Some SEO companies downplay content marketing. Many traditional advertising agencies tell their customers avoid Search Engine Optimization since it’s so complex and ever-changing.  What they may both be missing is that content is the friend of search.  That’s right… they work closely together.

Content MarketingWhen you create great content without SEO, it may never get found. If you have great SEO and not good content, your audience won’t want to build a relation, engage, or share.  The key is to use both together to help you get found and communicate with your audience.

Analyzing and assessing is important for your content marketing to help with SEO.  Make sure your analytics are in place to measure the success of your marketing investment with your content marketing plan.  This will help you maximize your marketing investment and better understand your audience and how they search for your services.

Search engine optimization and content marketing might require different skill sets, but that doesn’t mean that they should stand apart. To maximize your total marketing ability, you must combine the requirements of both the search engine and the humans that use them. Using both SEO and content marketing together will result in more effective results allowing your business to grow with loyal customers.

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