6 Steps to Business Optimization for Local Marketing

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Business Optimization versus Traditional Search Engine Optimization

The Difference in Business Optimization and Merely SEO for Website Optimization

Search Engine Optimization better known by most as SEO has been a hot topic for the last few years as business leaders struggle with business optimization and how to get found by consumers seeking their products and services online.  Over the last couple of years, Internet marketers and social media marketing have made competition on the Internet fierce and along the way, SEO experts have been given a bad name.

One of the reasons there is an ongoing struggle for Internet marketers with this new SEO reputation is that many Internet marketers resorted to methods of attempting to “trick” the system. These SEO experts used methods crossing the line of creating good content and communication for consumers on the Internet.  This is partly because these SEO experts did work for business leaders yet didn’t completely understand and did not know how to ask and get what they needed to learn the business (their client) in order to become an extension of their sales and marketing team.

Over the last couple of years, we have seen the value of blogs help significantly with search engine optimization and business optimization especially feeding valuable communication through social communities.  As businesses began sharing and educating consumers on their products and services, the successful ones consistently blogging and communicating with consumers through social media communities grew in rank and following.  However, the recent changes Google has made helps make other areas equally as important for effective business optimization.  So what else (beyond blogging) can you as business owners or Internet marketers do to help with effective business optimization?  Here are a few tips:

  • Optimize your Google Places page
    It goes without saying if you want to make sure one directory in all of the Internet is updated, it should be your Google Places page.  If you consider the goal of Google in getting the consumer where he or she wants to be as quickly as possible, you can now imagine them reviewing their own database anytime some types “Dallas landscaping” in the Google search bar to see what they (Google) have on record.  Many people overlook this and either have no Google Places page, haven’t claimed the page Google has already created for them, or do not have it optimized with the proper content (keyword verbiage, images and videos).  If you are a local business owner or someone working for one, do this first to help with your business optimization – especially with the recent changes Google made.
  • Make sure your business is listed in the appropriate directories
    Once Google reviews their own database – Google Places – they also extend their reach into other online directories like CitySearch, Manta, Localeze, InfoUSA and literally thousands of others.  There are usually 20 or so that are important for each type of business that we would suggest making sure your business is listed in and optimized consistently throughout each for effective business optimization.  For instance, if you are a landscaping company that also provides sprinkler systems, do not say you are an irrigation company in one directory and landscaping company in the other.
  • Fully optimize your website or find someone who can help you
    Even though websites and best practices to optimize a website have been around for some time, most still lack some of the basic things Google and others need to find the website including a site map, meta description, keywords, header tags and title tags.  There are many inexpensive tools on the market that will allow you to run a review on your website to be told exactly what needs to be done in order to have your website score well and thus be found more often by consumers needing your products and services.  Most people considering business optimization think of website SEO only, so just don’t stop here.
  • Create, optimize and communication through social media communities
    Consumers spend more and more time on social communities – Facebook, Twitter, Google+, Pinterest and others – chatting and sharing ideas with one another.  A couple of years ago it was an option for local businesses to have their social media accounts created and used, today it’s not as much of an option as a necessity.  For proper business optimization, you should optimize the social media accounts and pages to help those looking for your products and services to find you.
  • Establish a link building strategy with others serving similar consumers
    Business optimization, in the offline sense, is where business leaders normally establish relationships with other similar businesses serving the same consumers.  For instance, a landscaping company might refer and receive referrals from pool builders, fence builders or roofing companies who are often helping consumers when they would also need landscaping from storm and hail damage.  Therefore, online link building is not much different.  Make sure you connect with sources of authority – local chamber of commerce, other local businesses, churches, etc. – to link your business with theirs.  Also, when you establish your social communities, these help with link building when you enter your website address on these sites.
  • Share rich content as often as possible
    As much as people like to read, pictures and videos are also very effective for business optimization.  Establish some form of gathering pictures and videos of the work you do and be sure to share them through your social communities as much as possible.

While these 6 Steps to Business Optimization are from Social180, we encourage you to not allow this to be all that you do for your local business.  For more information on search engine optimization and business optimization, connect with us via YouTubeFacebook, Twitter, LinkedIn or Pinterest social media sites.

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