The Importance of Mirroring in the Discovery Phase of Sales

In Salesby JimBarker22

The ability to facilitate and maintain strong communication between a seller and a buyer is key for securing and retaining clients. While there are other crucial sales tactics, there is no question that mastering communication will take your sales to the next level. Creating an environment that allows you to engage your buyers will spur meaningful conversation and drive consistent sales.

Mirroring as a Sales Technique

One of the key aspects of solid communication between a seller and a buyer is mirroring. If you’ve spent any time in the world of sales, most likely you’ve heard the expression “mirroring the client.” Instead of focusing on mimicking specific actions of the buyer, such as crossing your legs or raising your eyebrows, focus on setting the appropriate tone for the dialogue. As the seller, you’ll be initiating the vast majority of the conversations that you have with buyers. From making cold calls to following up with long term clients, you’ll be taking the first move. This gives you a significant amount of control over the direction of the conversations.

Mirroring is an effective technique because it’s something that many people do without realizing it. Clients won’t think twice if you ask a question or present a scenario with the same style and tone that they would use. The concept is simple enough but it requires deliberate planning to execute. Instead of rehearsing or memorizing specific lines, concentrate on learning how to set the right flow.  Ask the right questions to move the conversation in the way that you would like to go. You want to stay in control of the dialogue without making the buyer feel controlled.

Planning a Strategic Conversation

As you plan client conversations, consider questions that address clients’ problems and goals. You’re striving to help the buyer understand what is and isn’t relevant about the products and services that you provide. Spending a lot of time on topics that aren’t relevant to the client can set the wrong flow, which makes it difficult to keep the conversation moving toward a sale.

The Importance of Speech Patterns

Mirroring plays a large role in establishing trust with a client. You want to adapt your speaking style to match the client’s style without coming off as phony. For example, if you have a strong Southern accent and you work in a Northern state, don’t try to disguise your own accent in an attempt to sound more like your clients. You can still relate with your clients and let them know that you understand their objectives without having the exact same accent.

Mirroring works on a subconscious level. Using the same pace and volume of speech or adopting a certain approach to the conversation isn’t enough to close a sale in and of itself. Yet, using mirroring tactics can put clients at ease, which increases the chances of making a sale.

Stay Consistent

Finally, keep in mind to be successful with mirroring techniques, you must apply them often. It can be tempting to abandon your tried and true practices when things aren’t going well. Sticking to guns during tough situations will let clients know that they can trust you. Mirroring takes practice, planning, and persistence. Yet, once you’ve mastered the tactic, you won’t know what you did without it.

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