How Social CRM with Mobile Access Helps Grow Loyal Clients

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How Social CRM with Mobile Access Helps Grow Loyal Clients

Consumers Expecting Effective Communication from Local Service Providers Now Get It

Using Social CRM with Mobile Access Helps Local Service Providers Better Communicate to Gain Loyal Clients

As Social CRM has been used throughout large corporations for the last 4-5 years, most local businesses have yet to be able to use it effectively.  As is expected, this is usually because the local service providers have more restricted resources (time, people and money).  Luckily that is changing very, very quickly.  In fact, most CRM (Customer Relationship Management) systems on the market today has some form of social integration whether it be integration to Facebook, LinkedIn, Google+ or Twitter.

Before we discuss ways in which CRM, Social and Mobile working together can help local companies, it is important to give a general understanding of social CRM. The definition provided by Paul Greenberg of ZDNet is “CRM is a philosophy & a business strategy, supported by a technology platform, business rules, workflow, processes & social characteristics, designed to engage the customer in a collaborative conversation in order to provide mutually beneficial value in a trusted & transparent business environment. It’s the company’s response to the customer’s ownership of the conversation.”  While this meaning helps us technologists, it is often too complex for small businesses.  So in summary, we define Social CRM as the integration of social communities with CRM systems helping businesses better serve their clients.  To better explain what we mean here, below are some ways social CRM with mobile access helps local businesses grow loyal clients based upon Social180’s ability to help local businesses focus, communicate and grow.

  • Focus – Increased Productivity of Sales Team:  Nucleus Research conducted a Market Focus Report on The Value for Mobile and Social for CRM and found that the average sales team sees an increase in productivity of 26.4% with the integration of social and mobile into CRM.  With more information more readily available to a mobile salesforce, their study showed that the sales team is much more effective and efficient.  Just imagine having an application on your iPhone allowing you to access the client record and having the ability to click through to the contact’s Facebook or LinkedIn profile.
  • Communicate – Faster Response to Client Inquiries:  With social CRM automation, local service providers are able to respond quicker to client inquiries whether they be social messaging, web form submissions or phone calls.  Because of the various types of notifications available, a local service provider would know when someone posts a comment about their service or completes a web form.  In fact, local businesses can now receive a phone call as soon as a web form is completed asking if they would like to call the prospective client.  With a social CRM with mobile access, the service provider could access their CRM from their iPhone, iPad, Droid or Windows phone to learn a little about the prospective client within seconds in order to communicate more effectively when speaking with the client.
  • Grow – Increase Win Ratio with Improved Client Experience:  When local consumers contact a local business, social CRM provides the local business intelligent information about the consumer – in many cases, links to the consumer’s Facebook, LinkedIn, Google+ or Twitter profiles., Zoho CRM and Sugar CRM are three examples of CRM’s providing this type of service.  When a local business better understands the ‘Likes’ of the consumer, they can better serve them and speak more directly to them in order to win more often.

As social, mobile and local marketing continues to innovate and evolve, social CRM will be an important component for local service providers in serving their clients.  Social180 continues to help local business leaders in these and other areas of local marketing in order to help the local business grow revenue, clientele and client loyalty.  To learn more about how Social180 helps with social CRM for local business, visit us on YouTubeFacebook, Twitter or Pinterest or give us a call at 469-420-0180.

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