Maximizing Technology for Lead Generation

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Even if your own lead generation is currently effective in bringing consistent leads and sales to your business, it still doesn’t hurt to have a few tactics up your sleeve to help maximize your efforts. In fact, there are six tactics you can use right now to help boost your leads and they all have to do with capitalizing on technology.

1. Influential Channels

This essentially refers to creating a referral network with fellow like-minded businesses but on a digital level. For example, if you’re in finances but share similar clients with a real estate company and want to set up a referral program you could do so via social networking. Through this referral system, you can create “influential channels” via Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter, and other networks. Your net to catch leads will become even bigger.

2. Webinars

Is your business using webinars or any type of video content to nab some leads? If not, you could be missing out on many prospective clients or customers. Fortunately, starting a content strategy that includes webinars can be quick and easy. Webinars help spread information about your industry, your services, as well as planting your business a thought leader, or a brand that can be highly trusted.

3. Better Email Campaigns

Some marketers like to say that email is dead, especially for lead generation, but this could not be farther from the truth. Rather, email is making a comeback thanks to the smart devices in our lives but this also means old email marketing tactics are becoming outdated and replaced with newer methods of lead generation. Making highly responsive emails with an ultimate sense of urgency has become an art form, but your business can still create compelling and better email campaigns with the right help.

4. Current Customers

It’s amazing how much current customers can generate new leads, and not just through word of mouth. By interacting with your customers daily on social media, reaching out for testimonials, and generally showing how much you appreciate their business, you will be creating buzz that can be publicly seen by new leads and make them turn into brand new customers. Having a great relationship management system set in place can make this tactic much easier to handle, too.

5. New Social Media Networks

With the right timing and content strategy, your business can maximize their efforts and find quality leads on emerging, new social networks that are rapidly gaining traction. Big brands like Taco Bell and Free People immediately jumped into Snapchat and developed a strong following. Your business can adapt the same mindset to find more leads in new places.

6. Tweaking User Experience (UX)

Out of all the strategies and tactics out there, UX tends to be neglected the most when it can make or break a lead generation relationship. User experience refers to the way leads directly interact with your website, app, blog–any digital presence. If your UX is lagging behind you could be missing out on major lead generation, but fortunately, this can be addressed by tweaking and updating your digital products and entities every so often to remain relevant.

Technology goes well with the lead generation process, especially in this age of inbound marketing, and there are a multitude of ways you can implement it in order to gain more successful sales every single day.

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