Local Marketing with CRM for Small Business

In Salesby JimBarker22

What makes Local Marketing challenging?

When business owners tend to think of “local marketing”, they often think of inbound marketing from advertising which are outbound efforts – spending money to get people to call in.  What is often overlooked is the opportunity to use outbound marketing as an effective means of reaching and growing an audience already familiar with your brand and services.  That is where a Customer Relationship Management system commonly known as a CRM can help.

Local marketing can be challenging for a good reason – we live in a free country with an entrepreneurial spirit allowing people to start her/his own business with little investment.  Many people work hard to get an education or skilled trade in order to start and grow their own business.  The problem that arises, leading to more than 90% of the businesses in the United States failing within their first year, is the lack of education around marketing and especially outbound marketing.  Sure…, it seems simple and yet it can be very complex.  Today there are far too many places consumers go, far more information available on the Internet or through mobile devices and far too many competitors willing to out-spend each other – thus Google’s growth with AdWords marketing campaigns.

The Impact of Customer Relationship Management Systems on Local Marketing

What many local business leaders believe is that technology is too complex and it was 10 years ago, but not anymore.  With Software as a Service (SaaS or cloud services), local businesses can now sign up for CRM systems online for a nominal monthly fee similar to the other applications now made available through Google Apps, Intuit and many others.  So what this means for small business is local marketing needs to include outbound marketing so as to not depend totally on inbound marketing.

Here are 3 Ways of Local Marketing with a CRM System for Small Business that any small business CRM should be able to do pretty easily:

  1. Setup an automated email to go to each prospective client as soon as they inquire about your products or services.  Too often, local consumers inquire about products or services from local businesses and do not hear back from them for hours.  Any CRM should be able kick off an email to the customer or prospective customer thanking them for their inquiry, letting them know when to expect communication back and letting them know how to reach the business in the event of an emergency.
  2. Create a simple workflow rule that automates a process for your sales team.  If writing handwritten thank you cards is important, create a task for each condition you expect your sales team to write a thank you card and assign it to them with pop-up or email reminders until they complete it.
  3. Connect your CRM with your social media accounts to communicate and invite connections with LinkedIn, Facebook, Twitter and Google+.  This allows you to get closer than just an email to your current and future clients in order to stay better connected.

While these three simple ways of using a CRM to help small businesses grow Raving Fans and stay connected to key customers and partners, there are many other ways a social CRM can help with local marketing.  To learn more about how to Get Found, Communicate and Grow your customer relationships, connect with Social180 on Facebook, Twitter, Google+ or LinkedIn.  You can also give us a call at 469-420-0180.