4 Reasons Territory Management Is Important for Local Lead Generation

In Salesby JimBarker22

TrustSales is about good relationships built on trust and familiarity, with sales reps and the products they represent. Building those personal relationships creates more efficient local lead generation, which leads to more sales.

Local Lead Generation Creates Strong Ties

Effective territory management is the bedrock that creates better local lead generation. In today’s world of  global marketing it is important for you to keep your company in the minds of local businesses. A well managed sales territory will lead to strong relationships by increasing your name recognition and benefits your company with lower sales costs. The following four benefits of territory management will increase your  lead generation.

1. Friendly, Recognized Faces 

A familiar sales representative who is involved in the community, and gets to personally know influential people is one of the most effective people in your company. By assigning him a territory and letting him be a regularly involved community member, people will instinctively think of him for your product or service.

People will get to know him, become friends and develop a sense of loyalty to his business, even if they have never done business before. Personal relationships and word-of-mouth marketing is one of the most powerful tools you have at your disposal.

2. Less Costs

Keeping the costs of sales activity down is a constant battle. Effective sales territory management will have the same sales rep serving the same area, so he will be familiar with the geography and the best routes to drive. There will be less time on the road, lower fuel costs, and more time spent in front of clients. Efficient travel makes it easier to get around, meet prospective clients, and increases lead generation.

3. Better Follow-Up On Leads 

Leads come in from all over the sales area and one of the biggest tasks for a sales manager is to make sure they are all appropriately serviced in a timely manner. Without good sales territory management and no plan for how to distribute the leads there is a greater chance that a majority of those leads won’t get the proper attention.

Proper sales territory management will have those leads automatically divided up by territory and sent to the proper sales representative. This reflects well on your company because there is prompt service paid to the lead. That in turn increases the chances that the potential client will feel and speak favorably of your company, which results in greater lead generation.

4. It’s the Thought That Counts 

You want your business to be the first one people think of when they need your products. Branding is a powerful tool that can increase local lead generation. For instance, if I say “American Car”, what is the first company you think of? What company you thought of is a consequence of your exposure to their marketing efforts. That is the power of branding. You want your company to be the premier name in your market.

Well managed sales territories will allow more visits to prospective clients and that regular reminder of who you are and what you do is effectively branding your company. This constant reminder causes people to think of you and your product and increases lead generation.

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