What Makes a Good Designer-Client Relationship?

In Creative, Marketingby xxiiadmin

Whether you’re a graphic designer or a small business owner, the brand you’re helping create takes work. Much of that work comes in the form of communication and collaboration with the team involved. While you want a positive experience, you might be able to think of a time when you worked with someone less than professional. Here are some ideas to consider that will help you have the best designer-client relationship during your branding process.

Clear Guidelines

Completing a branding project only to miss the mark on the design is no fun. Unfortunately, it happens To prevent this unnecessary headache, make sure to communicate clear guidelines.

Clients should outline what they expect, and creative designers should communicate time and costs. This is where a contract becomes helpful. Make sure all necessary language is in the contract so there is no miscommunication.


Of course, good communication is critical with any relationship. Establish a consistent communication process, and identify the best way to communicate. Some people like weekly emails while others prefer phone calls. Others may prefer collaborative online sharing or face to face meetings. Make sure to make the choice before beginning the process, so everyone understands expectations.

Trust and Credibility

To prevent unhappy relationships, choose to work with trustworthy people. Do some research on them before beginning the project. A quick Internet search will often reveal whether a person or company is legitimate.

A Realistic Plan

Make sure that the plan remains realistic at all times. Too many times, designers accept time-sensitive projects and fail to deliver because a realistic expectation was not set.


When creating a project plan for branding services, make sure to set deadlines. Creative designers use deadlines often. Unfortunately, one of the bigger mistakes is lack of communication at the beginning. Take a note from Stephen Covey and “begin with the end in mind.”


Good feedback is helpful without being critical or attacking. With creative design projects, people can get emotional. The client may have had the original logo for years, so it’s tough to let go. The creative design has now begun creating something he or she is proud of, so they can take it personal as well. Make sure everyone is ready for this change and prepared to give and receive feedback.


Change is tough. After you’ve gone through a tough process of change, be sure to celebrate. You may find you’ve developed an awesome relationship through this experience.

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