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The Importance of a Local Business Website to Your Business Success

How Local Business Websites Have Become Increasingly Important for Local Businesses

Many times business owners start their business without local business websites and build them within the first couple of months after they have incorporated, found office space, joined the local Chamber of Commerce and gained a couple of new clients.  As all of these are important, the Internet has become more and more important with your local business strategy… so much so, that more businesses are being started with an Internet strategy before many of these other areas are considered.  So why are local business websites so important to this strategy?

Well, first of all, local business is driven more and more by the Internet.  If a business serves consumers in a local market, those consumers have migrated more and more to their mobile devices and the use of the Internet to find their products and services.  Therefore, not only are local business websites important, but they are critical for many businesses.

In addition to the importance of local business websites for local businesses, it is becoming increasingly important that these local business websites be mobile and social ready.  As mentioned, more and more consumers are using mobile devices for mobile search.  In fact, Marketing Charts recently released a study showing where 52% of mobile search ads yielded calls to local businesses following the initial click in the final quarter of 2011.  Mobile search is growing and expected to outpace online search through computers within the next 18 months.

So where does social media marketing come in for local business websites?  Social media marketing for local business is the new word of mouth marketing.  Since more and more people (over 85%) are on social media sites throughout the day communicating with their friends and neighbors, social media is often the place people go to get opinions and see if others have used the local business’ products or services.  Many times people will search through Google for a local business, review a few local business websites and then go to Facebook to ask their friends if anyone has used any of the local businesses.

As you consider where you are in your business today, consider three things – local, social, and mobile.  If you serve the local community, these three need to be at the top of your list for marketing your business this year.

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