Social Local Mobile and It’s Impact

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Social Local Mobile and It’s Impact on the World

How Social Media Marketing, Local Marketing & Mobile Marketing Help Us Buy

Understanding How Social Media Marketing, Local Marketing and Mobile Marketing are Changing How We Buy

For the last ten years, we have watched the distribution and usage of mobile phones grow into mobile computing devices and reach the hands of everyone age 12 and up (many cases ages range much lower than 12).  While we watched this happen and families of five now have mobile bills of $250 – $400 per month while they were not happy with the $150 home phone bill ten years ago, we have learned that there is more to it than calling to speak with family you don’t often see or visiting with friends around the world.

While all of this has been going on in the mobile arena and mobile marketing has continued to grow, the Internet has continued to evolve from websites initially designed as brochures for large corporations to then becoming e-commerce websites and now local marketing has taken the Internet to a whole new level – especially with the growth of social media marketing.  Not only has local marketing and social media marketing been timely with many of the advancements Google and others have made, but it has also been timely with the social media movement that has taken place over the last three years with over 70% of the population ages 14 and above on some form of social media platform today.

Social180 has continued to help local businesses market to local consumers in order to grow their business effectively and efficiently and while doing so, has watched social media marketing, local marketing and mobile marketing have a bigger and bigger impact on the success of a local business.  In fact, in a recent article by Marketing Charts, a consumer study showed that 1 in 4 online shoppers, who shop at least quarterly online and login to their Facebook account at least monthly, have made a purchase based on a social recommendation.  Social media marketing with local marketing is now becoming quantifiable and generating results helping local businesses better connect with local consumers.

As active members of the Southlake Chamber of Commerce and Colleyville Chamber of Commerce, we have the opportunity to meet and work with many local business owners and understands the value of “word of mouth” marketing. At least once per month, we hear a local business owner discuss her/his struggles with competition that has came into their market within the last 5 years and taken on a good position as one of the leaders.  As we ask questions and learn more about these competitors, we often realize that they have leveraged the power of social media marketing as the new “word of mouth” marketing along with local marketing and/or mobile marketing to get off to a fast start and grow their business.

Social media marketing is continuing to grow and evolve with new platforms introduced monthly – Pinterest being one of the fastest growing today. The important thing for local business owners to remember with social media marketing is that most of your customers use social media daily and are communicating with friends, families and neighbors about their daily experiences.  Therefore, social media marketing is a way of going where you customers are to gain their trust while earning and keeping their business – think about going to Chamber of Commerce events or trade shows.

Google has helped us quite a bit with local marketing.  Years ago, if you searched coffee house or cafe, you might find one 50-100 miles away.  Now, with Google Places, you find the closest one which in many cases is within one mile.  Local marketing continues to evolve with social media marketing as businesses use Facebook collaboration and/or Facebook ads to reach their local markets which can now be defined as closely as zip codes and gives businesses the ability to target specific audiences based upon home values, interests, relationship status and much more.

Mobile marketing seems to be the one that is still maturing, yet doing so very fast with tremendous opportunity and forecasted focus ahead – see Mashables Mobile Marketing Projects – showing where mobile Internet usage to projected to overtake desktop usage by 2014. Apple and Google helped us with this by allowing us to download apps like Google Places which helps us find where we are going.  Gone are the days of your handy Mapsco, printing a MapQuest or even having to remember addresses in order to put into our GPS.  Now we can open the Google Places app on our mobile devices and choose the food we are interested in order type the name of the business we are going to meet with and it will give us a map of how to get there.

In addition, mobile marketing has grown significantly over the last couple of years with SMS marketing via text messaging and check-in statuses on social media marketing sites like FourSquare and Facebook.  Today our clients establish campaigns for their prospective and current clients allowing them to be notified via text message, email, phone call or even broadcasted via social media outlets for certain events.  For instance, if it rains and your landscaping firm is not going to be able to serve you, they could have an automated text message that goes out to you (in their case it could be going out to hundreds who choose to receive it) letting you know that they will not be there and will get out later this week to complete the landscaping project.

While these are merely a few areas social media marketing, local marketing and mobile marketing are growing and helping local businesses grow, there are many other areas to discuss as it pertains to your customers and how they would like you to communicate with them.  To learn more about social media, local marketing and mobile marketing communications, connect with us on Facebook orTwitter.