3 Reasons Advertising Campaigns Fail

In Marketingby JimBarker22

Running effective advertising campaigns is not easy.  Although simple when done correctly, ad campaigns fail more often than they succeed.  When business owners come to us, one of the primary complaints is often too much marketing budget spent on bad advertising.  In this article, we share 3 reasons advertising campaigns fail more often than not.

Why Advertising Campaigns Fail

Reasons Advertising Campaigns FailFailure to Identify the Ideal Customer
Knowing your ideal audience for advertising is a major factor with campaign advertising. Your ideal audience is a specific group of people within the target market you would like to reach (and sell to). Identifying age, sex, home values and income brackets of your target audience could significantly increase the chances of having a successful ad campaign. Failure to identify the ideal customer will create a big issue since its too difficult to achieve the results you need when the audience is too broad. For example, if you had only 2-3 places to choose for campaign advertising to men who enjoying hunting, you would not want one of these to be in a mall where primarily women and children visit.

Lack of Creativity
Creativity and innovation are the keys to having a successful advertising campaign. Creativity is the use of imagination or original ideas in the product of artistic work. It is what gives life to the message of your campaign. The difference between a creative advertisement and a non-creative ad is appeal. Ads that have appeal generally draw in more of an audience unlike those with zero or little creativity. Whether it is print, television, or radio, creativity will draw attention and make your ad stand out. Campaign advertising with no creativity is like a picture with no color. Give your advertising audience something to remember you by, whether that’s art, humor, or entertainment.

Unrealistic Expectations with Budget
One of the worst killers of good campaign advertising is unrealistic expectations. Setting your sights too high will result in discouragement when you fail to reach your high expectations. It’s important to test and test again with a lower budget to understand the rate of return before investing a significant amount into any ad campaign.  Even though it is admirable to reach great accomplishments, your goal should be with some realistic proof which we often call split testing. Starting small and having short time-frames is a good idea. Creating smaller sized goals as the over the coming months will allow you to see how likely you are in reaching your goals.

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