3 Steps to Get Your Small Business Online

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Entrepreneurs realize the importance of marketing and getting their small business online more than ever.  While getting a small business online sounds simple, it tends to be more complex and competitive than ever before. In this article, we share 3 steps to get your small business online and why each are important.

Where to Advertise

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Local Advertising Sources Many small business owners struggle with finding the best places to advertise and seeing the returns from their advertising budget.  One of the first questions they often ask is “where do we advertise and how much do we spend?”  And while there is no magic, there is definitely due diligence that can be done to help you …

Establishing a Local Marketing Budget

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Marketing Budgets for Local Business Owners Establishing a marketing budget for a local business can be challenging. Many small business owners who have not yet hired a local marketing firm struggle with establishing a marketing plan and budget every year. In many cases, a small business owner starts a business expecting to grow, yet often times struggles with defining and …

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Handling Local Inbound Leads

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How Local Inbound Leads Handled Properly Create Revenue The Importance of Your First Impression with Local Inbound Leads Far too often local business leaders spend their local advertising and marketing budgets only to get a 20% to 40% win ratio for inbound leads (usually calls and web leads).  In other words, five calls generates one to two new clients or one …

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Client Experiences That Create Raving Fans

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Creating Raving Fans through the Ultimate Client Experience Little Things Make for Big Differentiators in Growing Your Local Business While working with many of our clients who are home contractors in creating their 2013 marketing plans, we learned several trends that are continuing to develop and evolve just as we had expected.  Most of the trends revolve around creating loyal clients through …

Marketing to Reach Today’s Consumers

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Marketing to Consumers for Your Business What Will Make Consumers What to Engage and Buy from You Marketing in a New Age to Reach and Grow an Audience of Evangelists Let’s face it, today’s consumers are totally different than any other time in history.  Think about it… 5 years ago, where would you find out about the book your college …

4 Things Advertising Agencies Tell You That’s Wrong

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The Reasons Advertising Agencies Tell You Repetition is Important Why Most Local Business Owners Spend Too Much on Advertising and What Caused It Since the invention of the advertising industry, advertising agencies have worked hard to program thoughts into the minds of small business owners in an attempt to convince them that they should be spending more on advertising.  The …

Tracking Advertising Expenses

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Measuring the Results of Advertising Expenses Tracking advertising expenses for local business growth can be a major challenge.  Many local business owners invest anywhere from 5-15% of their revenue in advertising hoping and praying that it produces their desired business results only to look at their financials at the end of the year and measure by whether or not they …

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Inbound Marketing versus Interruption Marketing

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Is Your Marketing Campaign an Invitation or an Interruption? What You Should Know About Inbound Marketing versus Interruption Marketing One of the greatest enjoyments we have at XXIIBrands is helping our clients get found, communicate, and grow their customer relationships.  All three can be challenging.  However, attracting customers tends to have more challenges than the others.  So many businesses believe …