Younger Consumers Using Mobile Devices for Local Search

In Marketingby JimBarker22

Local search on mobile devices continues rapid growth along with local marketing and social media marketing for local business.  Its no wonder with some of the recent mobile application developments and mobile websites being a commonplace today not to mention almost everyone 15 years of age or older using a mobile device

Local marketing continues its growth with social media and mobile marketing keeping pace.  In fact, the recent article from Marketing Charts shares some interesting statistics around younger consumers usage of mobile devices and the growth is shown by both females and males.  So what does this mean for local marketing and how does mobile video get involved?

As recent as a decade ago, if you and your spouse were getting ready to enjoy dinner, you had to discuss, agree upon and plan the location.  But it didn’t end here as you also had to check the availability of your chosen local restaurant which required a phone call during business hours.   Today this experience is much different.  By using Google Local, in a matter of seconds, you can see the entire list of local restaurants and any other local business to determine your evening and call them with the press of a button or better yet book your reservation online.

This type of experience and many other similar experiences have changed our expectations as consumers and changed the way we as local business owners market to consumers.    In fact, consumers today expect us to make it easy for them to find and connect with us. When they are unable to connect, they move on to another choice.  So what do we do?Oh deer! What do we do?

In business today, it is essential that your company be accessible online. As consumers make choices, they will continue to use various sources for local search on their mobile device to help choose the best location.  Many of these means include mobile apps, social media sites, or a google search. For this reason, these are excellent places to start.  To learn more about how XXIIBrands is helping local businesses with mobile marketing, connect with us via Google Local, Facebook, Twitter, YouTube or Pinterest.