Mobile Marketing Trends

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Social Media and Mobile Marketing Business Impacts

How Mobile Marketing is Helping Local Businesses Find and Keep Local Customers

Mobile phone devices are definitely an option when thinking about communicating to your target market in the most relevant and interactive way. You can make use of just about any mobile network and device out there these days. Smart mobile phones are readily available throughout the market and currently are excellent breeding grounds with regards to mobile marketing. Mobile marketing will help you with economizing your time, energy and effort as well as your cash since it is relatively inexpensive and very effective.

People do not need to go to their home computer to be able to search for and purchase their favorite items from stores anymore. Consumers carry out all sorts of transactions while resting in their easy chair. One new way to market and communicate with customers is using text messaging with consumers mobile phones.  This allows the use of mobile marketing, email advertising, mobile phone text messaging and internet sites with location specific promotions along with mobile app advertising. The foreseeable future of advertising is definitely going towards mobile advertising. The massive amount and sheer size of the mobile marketing space, regarding the sales volume, is already tremendous. Mobile marketing is rapidly approaching par with ecommerce and replacing much of the traditional direct mail marketing efforts.

Today over 87% of the public carries mobile phones – that’s almost 6 billion mobile phones throughout the world. So when you think about it, the one device you can most effectively reach a broad audience on is the mobile phone. This mobile marketing strategy is now being implemented by local business using text messaging and social media marketing campaigns in local markets and beyond. The main target associated with mobile marketing is currently related to one or more of the following.

  • Apps a smart phone uses or other interactive gadgets that are speeding up ideas and conversations,
  • Better video cameras for the end users as well as standardization regarding products and more sharing platforms for social media marketing and customer interaction,
  • Q-Codes, Short codes for discounts and freebies through real-time mobile marketing coupons,
  • Customer care for almost all sorts of things – products, services, etc. and other mobile marketing support services, and
  • Many health care providers offering services through mobile devices making it easy to schedule and touch base for critical care needs.

Many local businesses are beginning to choose to provide information regarding their particular expert services via mobile message texting. Their target customers then receive messages with regards to the hottest tv show, or movies or release of new clothing styles. These are all announced via a simple sales message to let folks know about the particular release date.

The volume of traffic your web page receives by way of mobile phones is now being tracked by the major search engines in order to start ranking these mobile ready sites. Mobile marketing and advertising can save you a small fortune when compared with other styles of promotion or advertising.

Social180 helps local businesses with mobile marketing and social media marketing to grow their business through new client acquisition and nurturing the client relationship throughout the client lifecycle.  To learn more about how Social180 could help your business, connect with us on Facebook.