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Types of Local Marketing Services

The Evolution of Effective Local Marketing Services

How the Internet, Social Media and Mobile Marketing Have Changed Local Marketing

While local marketing has evolved over the last 40 or 50 years, it is changing faster than ever with the Internet, social media and mobile marketing becoming critical to the success of any marketing campaign.  Since we help our clients with many forms of marketing and advertising to help them grow their brands locally, we are often asked what is most effective and why.  So we thought we would dedicate this blog series to the types of local marketing and how some can be very effective.

Before we begin, it is important to know that we believe any local marketing plan should first begin with identifying what you hope to achieve from your local marketing plan, who specifically your target audience is (demographics – age, household income, home value, etc.) and then determining what your audience needs to do in order to help you achieve your desired results (call to schedule a visit, purchase your service, etc.).  Once you have narrowed in really, really well on these three areas, using a variety of the following to reach them and making it easy for them to take action could be effective.

  1. Internet Search (many forms, but most often referred to is Search Engine Optimization)
  2. Internet Ads (Google, Facebook, Craig’s List and others – usually paid ads or services)
  3. Direct Mail Marketing (more costly, but if not strategically, can be rewarding)
  4. Newspapers (unless you sell automobiles, this is more for branding than anything)
  5. Television (great if you can afford the right spots and have a good call to action)
  6. Door Hangers (less expensive than most think and more of a numbers game)
  7. Radio (good if you can afford the right spots on the right stations)
  8. Social Media Marketing (great for growing a loyal client base)
  9. Email Marketing (be careful with the CAN SPAM rules)
  10. Telemarketing (be careful with the Do Not Call rules)
  11. Magazine Ads (good for local marketing with local publications)
  12. Trade Shows (make sure to document the contact information for follow up)
  13. Online Directories (thousands exist, focus on the few for your business)
  14. Offline Directories (make sure the top local ones have you listed)
  15. Truck Signage (make sure to include the the call to action)
  16. Billboards (good for branding in a local market)
  17. Canvassing (requires dedicated sales force)
  18. Referral Networks (identify others that serve your customers)
  19. Yard Signs (every client is your best marketing source)
  20. Friends & Family (never forget those who want to help you most)

For any marketing campaign, it is important to track and measure the performance as closely as possible with unique telephone numbers, web addresses and any other tracking methods possible.  Please do not spend money on what you cannot measure.  Stay tuned to the next few blogs where we breakdown some of these in more detail.  To learn more about local marketing services, connect with us on Facebook, YouTube, Twitter, Linked, or Google+.