Local Marketing – How Offline and Internet Marketing Work Together

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Integrating Your Offline and Internet Marketing for Better Results

How Local Marketing Can Be Most Effective with Offline and Internet Marketing

Achieving Better Marketing Results in 2013 with Offline and Internet Marketing Working Together

Often times local business leaders think of local marketing as either offline or online marketing believing it is an either/or when it should always include both.  So we decided to share some local marketing ideas we have seen work effectively and why they have worked.  Before we share these ideas, it is important to spend time identifying your audience and know them well.  For instance, for home contractors, we recommend you understand the following about your client – age, sex, martial status, household income, home value and as much information as you can gather.  Then it is important to identify and create special offers that will attract your ideal clientele.  Once you have completed both of these, think about implementing the following.

  • Wraps with Phone Numbers and Web Addresses
    One of the least expensive, yet most effective ways of reaching the neighbors of your customers is by wrapping your vehicles providing a telephone number and web address for neighbors to see – especially if your work for their neighbor takes time.  Think about it… the more the neighbors see your trucks in the neighborhood and the better opportunity they have to call or inquire online, the better.  Make sure your fleet is wrapped and the telephone number and website are very visible making it easy for your customer’s neighbors to reach you.
  • Yard Signs with SMS Text Marketing Codes
    While many local home contractors do excellent work, it is often hard to share their work with neighbors in the local area.  One effective way we have seen is through yard signs with SMS short codes for text marketing.  For instance, when a kitchen remodeling project is complete or even still in progress, it is important to make it easy for neighbors to use an SMS short code to text in to get the photos of the remodeling project.
  • Take One Flyers with Special Offers
    In this scenario, while a kitchen remodeling contractor is performing the work and for the 8-10 weeks after, take one flyers can be very helpful – especially for homeowners walking through the neighborhood.  The take one flyers that tend to work best are those that include 1) before and after images, 2) special offers and 3) an easy call to action – call, complete web form, email, text, etc.
  • Postcards with Neighbor’s Images, Testimonials and Special Offers
    While many local marketers use direct mail marketing in broadcast mode, we have seen more strategic direct mail marketing results with very targeted campaigns focused on a local audience.  For instance, landscaping contractors in Dallas focused on a homeowners is Dallas is good, but since there are over 1 million homeowners in Dallas, it can be more effective to send direct mail marketing postcards to the closest 250 neighbors with images and references to the street where the work was performed.
  • Canvassing with Door Hangers and Special Offers
    While many local business leaders realize how canvassing can pay off, many are challenged with finding and recruiting a team that guarantees results.  Often times, they hire high school or college students with little direction, limited if any script and no unique and special offer encouraging homeowners to take action.  Combined an good script with local testimonials in the neighborhood and an outstanding offer and canvassing can be very effective.  The other nice thing about canvassing is that your team can be equipped with door hangers in order to have something to leave behind.

Whatever your offline marketing strategy and tactics, just make sure to integrate in online methods of communicating including SMS short codes for text messaging or QR codes with landing pages where homeowners can inquire, watch a video or book an appointment.  There are many other ways to integrate your offline and Internet marketing strategies… just make sure you have a documented plan with an awesome special offer.

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